Wheel_RC.jpg Half-drow youth from Underbridge in Magnimar, his view of the world at large is extremely jaded.

A victim of circumstance due to his parentage, he’s found it difficult to connect with people. At some point in his time before meeting the Heroes of Sandpoint, Wheel has had acid splashed on half of his face, scarring it terribly.

When he heard that the Heroes of Magnimar were taking people out of Underbridge to a place called Sandpoint to the north, Wheel had no idea if the offer was legitimate or not. But, for his own reasons, he decided to accept. During the journey, he took to eye of the half-elf hero Vrinn, who offered him work at his newly acquired jewellery store, Vandiir Valuables as an apprentice, despite not having anyone for him to study under. Yet.
Still, it has been the most honest work he’s been offered yet, and took the job. Vrinn lets him stay in the residence above the shop itself rent-free.

While Vrinn has been away adventuring, Wheel has been going about the business of getting the store ready for the grand opening when he returns. During that time, another half-elf, Malcom Hyram Andalysius has come into town and offered his services as a manager. Wheel seems to distrust the man, and has kept his distance from the stranger while keeping a close eye on the obvious swindler.


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