Identify the properties of a magic item using detect magic Spellcraft DC=15 + item’s caster level

Determine Properties of Magic Item

Attempting to ascertain the properties of a magic item takes 3 rounds per item (18 seconds) to be identified and you must be able to thoroughly examine the object.

Retry? When using detect magic or identify to learn the properties of magic items, you can only attempt to ascertain the properties of an individual item once per day. Additional attempts reveal the same results.

Spellcraft Unchained
With sufficient ranks in Spellcraft, you earn the following.

5 Ranks: Identifying magic items takes 1 full round

10 Ranks: You can identify magic items without using detect magic, though the DC is increased by 10.

15 Ranks: Identifying magic items is a standard action, and the time required to learn a new spell from a spellbook is reduced to 1 minute per spell level.

The spell Identify gives you a +10 enhancement bonus on Spellcraft checks made to identify the properties and command words of magic items in your possession. This spell does not allow you to identify artifacts.


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