Rise of the Runelords

Belly of the Beast...

What powerful foes await the heroes?

- No game Dec. 30th
- Cathy using Hero Lab to get her sheet sorted.

The adventurers slew one dragon only to be attacked by another young red dragon that seemed able to move through the snow of Ayah’s spell with eae. Pushing it’s cowed companion aside it seared the party with a blast of it’s hot flame.

Thinking fast, Aryah took the magic staff they found fighting the spiders and crafted a wall of stone to separate the party from any further dragon attacks. Navea, rescued from her plight as a mean, healed the party as best she was able as Mara attempted to deal with the bears on the ramp. Aryah taking no chances, crafts a wall as a barrier to them as well.

Realizing that what the party needs is more time, Aryah creates a third and final wall to the south in an attempt to give the party a safe haven in the Giants’ dining hall and kitchen. Aryah chastises Mara, for if the young impetuous teen had not harried the old crone giant, she may have helped the warriors navigate this cavern. She found no support with Miro in suggesting the youngster be teleported back to Sandpoint if she fails to obey further orders. After some more formal introductions, the heroes fell asleep to Navea’s nap stack spell, though their rest is cut short when Mara and Aryah awaken to sounds of movement.

To the north and south the stone walls were removed! The final dragon approached for an attack and Mara sounded the alarm. Miro hoping to escape dashed forward and met 3 giants ready for an attack. Fighting bravely, the party slew the dragon, Cheveyo fell defeating an Ogre, and Mara made quick work of the rune tattooed giant.

The heroes are in the belly of the beast and it’s clear that this will not be easy.
Miro retreats, finds more giants


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