Rise of the Runelords

Wrapping Things Up

Thus ends Chapter One

Let me preface this with acknowledging the brief role play conducted at the start of the session. I didn’t include it here as it was more of a wrap-up/conclusion to the impromptu role play session that took place during the week. I’d like to keep the Adventure Log for the main story line where possible.

Several days after the party returned from their hard-fought battle against Nualia and her forces at Thistletop and given ample time to recover from their wounds, Synovia suggested to Sheriff Hemlock that they take a small contingent of soldiers and engineers to the goblin fort to repair the damage done by the party.

A brief travel towards the Thistletop Woods saw the group watching the forest after spotting a band of goblins rushing into the thick undergrowth. Deciding on the diplomatic route, both Bobole and Grosilge went in search to make contact with the goblins, with Vrinn stalking silently along behind them.

The new goblin chieftain and his cat met the pair in the forest, and after trying to reason with him and failing to peacefully let him let the humans enter their forest and allow them to fix their bridge, Bobole turned himself into a bugbear and thoroughly and utterly intimidated Chief Gogmurt to let them do as they please, even despite the big cat’s attempt to protect it’s master. And so with the goblin’s permission, the humans cut a swathe through the dense underbush for their wagons to pass through to the cliff of the Thistletop Fort, set up camp, and began work.

For the few days that the engineers were working, it allowed the party, along with Sheriff Hemlock and Grosilge, to begin building a rapport with their goblin neighbors. The humans and goblins were stand-offish at first, though with the interpretation skills of Grosilge, the two groups soon were able to work together and the construction of the new bridge was underway in earnest. After an off-hand remark from Synovia calling Grosilge the Queen of Diplomacy, the little goblin bard took this quite literally, using her half-elf husband as a throne, and declaring edicts and ordering fealty from the goblins. A newly knighted Bobole helped ensure Chief Gogmurt’s pledge of allegiance, along with many others. Especially after throwing a jar of goblin pickles into a gathering crowd.

The nights surrounding the human camp were tense. Synovia first needing to scare off a trio of young goblins from getting too close to the wagons, only to have that very same group throw a dead rabbit at her, which she took as a compliment and cooked for her supper. Bobole’s first night was uneventful, though on the second he was accosted by a dejected Gogmurt, summarily chastised, and sent on his way. Vrinn’s night’s as well were quiet (at least after the noises of boing boing with his wife had stopped), though on the second he heard a terrifying scream of a goblin, but was too late in discovering what exactly had happened, and nothing further eventuated.

By the third afternoon, the new bridge had been completed, even with an included collapsing mechanism that would allow the goblins to collapse the bridge if ever they were under attack, and an additional winching mechanism that allowed them to pull it back up in one piece. This, of course, led to many goblins falling into the raging waters below as they found it prudent to test the features while there were some still on it.

With everything in order, the caravan began it’s trek back to Sandpoint in peace.


I replaced Chief Guteater with “Gogmurt”. Guteater if Bobole’s old chief.

Wrapping Things Up
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