Rise of the Runelords

The Story So Far

A summary of things...

Let me preface this with something… I started keeping adventure notes half-way through the campaign so far. Some things might be missing, or inaccurate. If you can see things that need improving, let me know!

Goblins attacked the city. Bobole helped set things on fire and also tried to cast a spell on Vrinn when goblins were being beaten back. They rescued Aldern Foxglove in the process who seems to like Synovia.

The party followed the goblin trail to the forest. Met up with Foxglove on his boar hunt. Synovia and Vrinn severely wounded the boar, Foxglove finished it off.

They tried to set a trap for the goblins. Synovia tied up Vrinn without his consent, Boble set about to beat him while tied up, including stomping on his jewels. A goblin band took the party to their camp. Synovia and Miro escaped with magic and force, Vrinn tried to charm his way out, Bobole looted and fled.

An elf ranger by the name of Shalelu came into town. Seemed to get friendly with Boble despite being a goblin hunter. Said that she would look for a higher purpose or power behind the goblin raids and their alliance.

The party was asked to investigate a monster in a closet. Apparently not all the goblins were dealt with after the initial raid. Keep an eye out for evidence of more.

Ameiko’s father made a scene at the tavern. He tried to hit her but was stopped when Vrinn threw a knife into his hand. He was accosted by Synovia and Miro and dragged into an alley. The guards interrupted and all involved were placed under arrest. He dropped the charges at Ameiko’s behest.

While investigating Choppers Island the group met Farnsworth Cheesewright, Vrinn’s human father, and Anna, his new girlfriend and bodyguard. Nothing else interesting happened aside from digging around some old ruins and finding dirt…

When the party returned to the tavern a halfing lady called Bethanna Corwin told them that Ameiko left in a rush after reading a letter. There’s some plot regarding Ameiko’s brother and father. The party went to investigate.

(incomplete notes due to needing to miss half a session for my birthday)

The group came across Tsuto, Ameiko’s brother. Miro tried to have him tortured after he was incapacitated. No one seemed to have any issue, though Vrinn tried to stop it and killed him mercifully, though Miro tried to burn his face off though. Synovia electrocuted Vrinn for his troubles and Bobole wandered off to find a sinspawn. They brought Ameiko back out to the tavern to heal up and return when better equipped.

Tsuto had a journal which depicted several drawings of a naked girl. Also had plans for a goblin raid on Sandpoint, and a ritual for sacrificing Sandpoint to Lemashtu. The woman was a girl named Nualia

Shenanigans. Boble gets himself arrested and Miro becomes his lawyer. Vrinn incites a bar brawl and befriends the goblin he seduced while the were captured. Vrinn stabs his brother in the riot, who is in turn stabbed back. The goblin is shot with an arrow and nearly killed. He eventually brings her to his father’s brothel where she receives healing. Vrinn falls out with his father and brother.

Synovia goes back down into the glassworks by herself and 2 guards. She flees and the party regathers and investigates the basement dungeon together again.

Several bat-creatures and sinspawn roam around in the dungeon, cells where apparent experiments were being conducted on goblins took place. Ended up fighting a quasit who kept on making people flee with spells. Vrinn eventually jumped off of a mezzanine level to grab her in mid air and drown her in a rage pool. His forearms are discoloured and reddened. Vrinn kept his date with the mayor, informed her of what was going on, and spent the night without further incident.

The group went to deal with the goblins at Thistletop. After attempting to stealth in through a cave, a bunyip nearly killed both Bobole and Vrinn. It was dispached, Bobole ate its heart and gave the first bite to Vrinn as the group spent the night in the cave. Following morning the group left the cave and into a goblin ambush. One got away, and Miro nullified any surprise by crashing the bridge down. Vrinn tried to sneak in the back to unlock the fort door from the inside, but the group got it open anyway by throwing some goblin bodies over the walls. The main group fought the goblins at the gates while Vrinn killed some on the inside.

After the fighting, Vrinn found a way down to a complex below the fort and scuffled with a human mage. The main group let some goblins go much to Vrinn’s chagrin, and upon exploring the fort more they came up against the goblin chief Ripnugget. He was a tough fight but they eventually killed him and his lackeys, while Bobole claimed his riding lizard. The group finished exploring the fort and found a cache of treasure before venturing down into the complex that Vrinn found earlier. Miro needed to rest to recover spells, and during that time the group discovered plans for another assault on Sandpoint. Their rest was interrupted by a man named Orik/Alrik, the group originally deceived him into thinking they were new hires, but couldn’t keep the facade up for long. A struggle ensued, he was questioned though didn’t reveal any pertinent information. In the end it was decided to keep him tied up until the group returns through or he frees himself.


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