Rise of the Runelords


The retirement of Synovia Pias

Syn walks through Sandpoint, saying hello to those she knows, looking at the damage caused by the recent troubles, watching as people worked together to rebuild, and what Gulo calls the Goblin Ghetto and the Hell Knight bastards who created it, and the words of Ameiko and Miro come to mind “you have a choice.”
She continues walking toward the caves where she and Bobole trained going over the events of the last few months. She started this to save her city, and the people she loved. Her journey lead her to Imahnee, the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with, and yet she keeps leaving him and the home she wanted to protect. Every time she comes back, the town is changed, not for the better but worse, changed so much that Ameiko walked away. She turns around and views the city that she loves, the city where so much evil has happened and so much has changed.
As she stands there, her eyes are drawn not to the destruction, but toward the The glass works, the Lighthouse and Choppers Isle, where so much evil happened, and realizes that they are now symbols of hope and rebirth for Sandpoint.
The Glassworks is now the home to the goblins and works of art that defy the stereo type of goblins. The Lighthouse and Choppers Isle, where Miro’s collage is taking shape, will offer opportunity to any determined enough to seek it. These places along with the survivor spirit of the people, will bring prosperity back to Sandpoint.
That realization brings clarity. She does have a choice, and she chooses hope.



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