Rise of the Runelords

A short game

Navea +8 Dex Misc Bonus = What is this from.
Sean would like to do a better job of the DM of checking Navea’s sheet

The adventure continues…

Having cleared the great hall of giants (and a dragon), the party attempts to push deeper into the catacombs, but immediately run up against more foes. Confidence that they aren’t in over their heads, wavers with Gulo and Miro while Aryah remains resolute that the only path is forwards.

More giants and dragons appear, thought one giant attempts to entreat with the party for peace. Mara does not negotiate with giants however and she attacked the peaceful old crone with as much fervor as any other giant she has incinerated. The Crone retreats and leaves the party to deal with the dragon.

Gulo attempting to flank run across an altar room where the spirit of a flailed giant accosts him. Does Gulo wilt in front of this horror? No, he pushes on to the victory of whipping a young dragon nearly into submission.

What awaits the party next time? Only the DM knows.


Thanks for running my character since I was out unexpectedly this week.

On the +8 to dex, I misunderstood one of the perks from my celestial armor. That’s my bad. I’ve updated it in the sheet. (Thanks David for helping me clear that up yesterday.) I also missed keying in my feats, so I’ve added those in which should explain my other stats.

Sorry for anything I missed on my part – building an 11th level character has been a stretch goal for me with my familiarity with pathfinder. I’ll be sure to sync up with Amanda before our next game to review my sheet and confirm all of my character elements. I want to make sure my character is accurate and learn from anything I messed up.

Thanks again!

A short game
makotoichijoji makotoichijoji

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