Welcome to our version of Paizo Publishing’s Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords (nee; Ruinlords).

We’re just a bunch of nerds who like to role play, and we’ve been a group for several months meeting each week to have fun and let our imaginations run wild.

We play on the Roll20 platfrom and have recently decided to begin streaming our sessions on Twitch from 9PM EST each Friday evening.

Join our Discord channel and chat with us: https://discord.gg/MrPXg2w

If you’d like to know more about the characters, friends, foes, and the rest of the world, you can find the main page to our wiki here or click here to go over our Adventure Log and read through the past exploits to get you up to date!

We do some forum role play, once again on roll20, which you can find here

Fans of Distinction:
Crawler8ed the “OG Fan”
Ricebits for hanging out with us when we stream our sessions

Rise of the Runelords

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