Synovia Pais


Synovia is outgoing and friendly. She knows next to nothing about her mother,who died shortly after she was born.She was raised by the Varisian clan that found her and her mother.She is fairly certain that her mother was Varisian due to the color of her eyes and skin.She was taught the ways of the the dance and bears the mystical tattoos of her people.She came to Sand Point five years ago just before the fire that nearly wiped out the city.

It was that fire that brought her mystical heritage to light. While trying to stop the fire, she was stunned to discover that she could sheath her hand and arm in ice that kept her from being burned. when she tried to shield herself from a falling timber. She survived the fire, but the rest of her clan was not so fortunate. And so, she became a child of the city.The city of Sand Point became her home. Everyone taught her something.
She discovered she had a talent with a needle and helps the seamstress, she runs errands for Mayor Deverin and Sheriff Hemlock has even taught her how to use a blade. But her favorite place is The Rusty Dragon Inn. The owner Ameiko gives her room and board in return for help in the kitchens and whatever. She even lets Syn dance fro the customers and keep any money she earns.

Though she loves the town, she longs for adventure. On her 18th birthday, Ameiko handed her a small chest containing $900 gold coins and a letter from her mother explaining her Sulis heritage. The gold Ameiko said was from the sale of her clans possessions. She has used that money to purchase what she needs for a life of adventure. Now all she needs is an adventure.

Synovia Pais

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