Heroes of Sandpoint

The current party consists of: Chuffy, Gulo, Miro, Synovia, Vrinn.


First named so after defending the town of Sandpoint from a goblin raid, their exploits seem to be growing with each passing day.

Their heroic deeds include thwarting an invasion of demon spawn from the Catacombs of Wrath located under the Sandpoint Glassworks, to defeating the evil demon worshipping cult, and even brokering peace with the Thistletop Goblin Clan.

Having followed clues from a spate of murders inflicted upon Sandpoint, their investigation led them towards Magnimar where they uncovered a cult and cut off the head of the snake (almost literally). Though a note found at the scene could imply it was merely one head of a hydra. The note hinting that nefarious deeds were occurring at Fort Rannick, the Heroes took it upon themselves to undertake another adventure…

The following people find themselves in the company of the Heroes:

Miro, Synovia, Ukawada, and Vrinn have been awarded the title of Heroes of Magnimar by Lord Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras.

Heroes of Sandpoint

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