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Grosilge Von Brektherz is a goblin bard living in Sandpoint at The Rusty Dragon tavern in Vrinn‘s room. She’s currently a server and performer there as well as acting as an arbiter between a recent spat of goblin refugees.

Seven Tooth Clan Years

She was originally a warchanter in training. Her voice, high and clear, was easy to hear above the normal goblin din however, she was generally much weaker than the other goblins and only her deftness and wit allowed her to survive her goblin kinfolk.
She was always generally happy with the Seven Tooth Goblins until one day a strange goblin brought human and halfings captives to her village. At first it seemed like they would eat well, however one of the tall human with golden hair gestured to her that he would like to mate with her. Never had anyone considered her a worthy mate and she was eager at the chance when she found herself overcome with a fear she never felt before. Longing to stay but terrified to stay she fled as fast as her legs would take her.
When the fear finally subsided, the Seven Tooth’s were in an uproar and the captives were gone. A pain lived in her chest after that and she found herself distracted from her studies which earned her a beating or two. Finally, she sang a song about her love of the golden haired longshanks which, with his voice, was heard by her mentor. She was beaten for her weakness but when she defiantly proclaimed her love, it was decided she was too far “touched by longshankiness”.
She was held down and her “fang teeth” were pulled in a ritual mutilation that equated not only to banishment but being prevented from ascending to The Mother. She was then told to run and was soon being chased by goblin hunters. Again, her amazing grace and dexterity allowed her to escape.

After Exile

She lived in the woods and foothills in the Sandpoint HInterlands, channeling her pain and anguish into songs and dances. Whenever she was approached by sentient creatures, she fled fearing what they would do to a soulless goblin outcast.
One day while she was sleeping under a rocky outcropping during a heavy rain, she was found by a human and his band. Instead of killing her outright, the human, Dizzy Cheesewright suggested capture her and sell her for a bounty. She did not object to being put in ropes and chains but when the band started to play, they were surprised to find her able to sing.
Knowing a business opportunity when he saw one, Dizzy suggested that instead of selling her they make her the main attraction at their shows. At first there was some resistance but the soulless goblin made no attempts to harm them or their things and were eventually convinced.
Dizzy spent much of his time trying to “civilize” Grosilge and even dressed her in old clothes to make her more “normal”. With nothing else better to do and finding Dizzy’s company familiarly relaxing, Grosilge was a difficult but attentive student.
She was eventually “rescued” after a bar fight by her “Goldie” only to find out it was Dizzy’s brother. Vrinn brought her to The Rusty Dragon and made good on his original promise of mating.

The Synovia and Miro took to calling her “Gildie”. The heroes also suggested that her ritual mutilation was not the end of her soul and she instead is a “person”. Thus began her evangelism of “personhood”.

Shortly afterwards, she found she had grown breasts, a feat she claimed to be magical and a miracle.

Life After Vrinn

After a raid on Thistletop which resulted in a small horde of refugees, Grosilge began talks with Gogmurt, the once advisor to Thistletop’s Chief Ripnugget, to encourage him to join her in Sandpoint in being a “person”.
Gogmurt scoffed at the idea as being “stupid” and “ridiculous” however a few goblins, tired of being slaughtered seemed willing to listen. During these talks, Gildie felt a sharp pain in her head that nearly downed her however when the pain cleared she found herself able to understand the longshanks around her. She attributes this boon to her breasts.
When the heroes returned, they made Gogmurt the new chief and the refugees returned to Thistiletop, promising to have nothing more to do with the Sandpoint humans but a dozen goblins remained, swayed by Grosilge’s passionate extolling of personhood.
In a cultural mix up, Vrinn ended up marrying her.

She currently resides in the Kaijutsu Manor along with her husband and the other Heroes of Sandpoint. She is also the proud owner of Mortrhauer, a dire lynx purchased by Vrinn whilst visiting Magnimar.

After the Skinsaw Murders

During the hero’s investigations into the Skinsaw murder’s in Sandpoint, Grosilge mysteriously disappeared without a trace with an odd note left behind telling Vrinn not to look for her. While the contents of the note were uncharacteristic, the fact that she couldn’t actually read or write implied a third party which only arose more suspicion.

It was later revealed that she had actually been coerced by Dizzy to join him in Magnimar, telling her that he would make her famous for the good of her people.

During the fight between her vengeance-driven husband and his brother, Dizzy managed to stab Grosilge in the stomach several times, potentially doing harm to her unborn litter of pups. The contest saw Vrinn the victor and Grosilge questioning Dizzy’s friendship.

Between Ukawada and Synovia they stressed the important role she had back in Sandpoint as the leader of her people in the small town.
DM’s Notes:
A playlist I made for getting into character==

Vrinn’s notes:
Ahh Gildie. Sure’n she’s th’ closest woman I ever come t’ prop’ly lovin’, an’ don’t tell anyone else this, but I’m pretty sure ‘tis th’ real thing. She’s funny, charmin’, adorable in her own li’l goblin way, an’ let me tell ye, she’s a li’l firecracker in bed. An’ th’ couch. An’ the kitchen. An’… well, ye get th’ idea. Either way, she sure has come a long way from bein’ the scruffy li’l thing I first saw. An’ she’s only gettin’ better

Chuffy’s notes:
Grosilge is my one true love in this world. She’s my Queen and I do everything she asks. Well, sort of. I went adventuring with Vrinn and Miro and the others, even though she wanted me to stay. But she agreed in the end. I’m having a great time out her, though I also miss her so much. Just like when she originally left with Vrinn, only I’m the one who left with the husband this time. Irony? Anyway, Grosilge is amazing. Her voice is the most beautiful thing in this world. I could listen to it all day long and dream of it all night too. I’m so honored to be her knight because she is the best queen I’ve ever heard of or thought of. She’s so smart, and all her decisions make sense. Even when they don’t, I don’t care. I love her and respect her decisions. As long as she is happy, this goblin is too.

Grosilge Von Brektherz

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