Goblin Lexicon

As goblins venture out further into the world, they often have a need for new words to convey things they don’t exist natively in their culture.

DM’s Note: Goblinoid is based off German. It is NOT German so spellings and grammar may vary. Goblinoid, especially as spoken by goblins is meant to sound clipped and rushed and a tad nasal. Bugbears and hobgoblins speak more evenly and rounded by comparison, though bugbears have a raspier, throaty way of speaking.

beinahezusammenstoßklinge; n. a blade that nearly misses killing you , a blessing, a lucky thing, something that could have gone very wrong but didn’t

Char-char; n. Sarenrae’s herald Charlabu.
Clankshank; n. a Longshank in heavy metal armor.

Dis is muir wurst; phrase. lit. This is sausage to me. I don’t care.

Glühender Grantig Hund; n. Glowing Grump Dog Sarenrae’s herald Charlabu.
gut sein; phrase be good, a greeting or farewell unique to the goblins of Sandpoint that follow Sarenrae

hundschneider; n. dogslicer. a crude, broad blade commonly used by goblins

immerbrentfeuer; n. everburningfire, a thing that causes constant change, something miraculous

keinwunschzutoten; adj. something you have no desire to kill, a nice thing esp. living, a friend, an ally, a pet
kitzeltschlagen; n. punch that tickles, a gift, a blessing, a lucky thing

leanshanks; n. an elf or half-elf
longshanks; n. a humanoid

Morgendämmerungblume; n. Dawnflower, Sarenrae
Morgendämmerungblume Klan; n. Dawnflower, Sarenrae. The goblins of Sandpoint that follow Sarenrae are under the misconception that Sarenrae is the leader of a clan of goblins called the “Dawnflower Clan”.

pferdhacker; n. horsechopper. a kind of polearm good for attacking the legs and underbellies of horses

shortshanks; n. a non-goblinoid that is shorter than a human

vom Glühender Grantig Hund gebissen werden; a dismissive epithet Get bitten by the Glowing Grump Dog an epithet unique to the goblins of Sandpoint that follow Sarenrae. Often shortened to “Gebissen werden”.

weichenbauch; n. softbelly, a weak person, a person that dies easily, a kind person

Goblin Lexicon

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