Doomwing the Darkstar

A Night Thrush. Formerly Erylium’s familiar, after the aformentioned’s death, she was left to wander both the catacombs and the world alone.

By her claims, a man with a burnt face wearing robes caught her and breathed magic into her and told her to become a great seeker of knowledge and magic. Filled with a greater sentience and burning lust for knowledge and power, Orm renamed herself “Doomwing the Darkstar, master of Death and Magics Most Foul”.

She felt a need to seek out Miro, as she had done some spying on him for Erylium, and upon finding him immediately requested a wizard’s duel. Miro defeated her and offered her the opportunity to become something like an apprentice.

His kindness confused Doomwing as she was unfamiliar with this kind of treatment. She remains his pupil as she seeks to grow in her power and surpass even the greatest of Golarion’s wizards.

She doesn’t like things that are bigger than her. She finds it unsettling and should like to see such things destroyed.

Vrinn’s notes:
A bird. A magic bird that can speak to Miro, but a bird nonetheless.

Doomwing the Darkstar

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