Rise of the Runelords

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The Story So Far
A summary of things...

Let me preface this with something… I started keeping adventure notes half-way through the campaign so far. Some things might be missing, or inaccurate. If you can see things that need improving, let me know!

Goblins attacked the city. Bobole helped set things on fire and also tried to cast a spell on Vrinn when goblins were being beaten back. They rescued Aldern Foxglove in the process who seems to like Synovia.

The party followed the goblin trail to the forest. Met up with Foxglove on his boar hunt. Synovia and Vrinn severely wounded the boar, Foxglove finished it off.

They tried to set a trap for the goblins. Synovia tied up Vrinn without his consent, Boble set about to beat him while tied up, including stomping on his jewels. A goblin band took the party to their camp. Synovia and Miro escaped with magic and force, Vrinn tried to charm his way out, Bobole looted and fled.

An elf ranger by the name of Shalelu came into town. Seemed to get friendly with Boble despite being a goblin hunter. Said that she would look for a higher purpose or power behind the goblin raids and their alliance.

The party was asked to investigate a monster in a closet. Apparently not all the goblins were dealt with after the initial raid. Keep an eye out for evidence of more.

Ameiko’s father made a scene at the tavern. He tried to hit her but was stopped when Vrinn threw a knife into his hand. He was accosted by Synovia and Miro and dragged into an alley. The guards interrupted and all involved were placed under arrest. He dropped the charges at Ameiko’s behest.

While investigating Choppers Island the group met Farnsworth Cheesewright, Vrinn’s human father, and Anna, his new girlfriend and bodyguard. Nothing else interesting happened aside from digging around some old ruins and finding dirt…

When the party returned to the tavern a halfing lady called Bethanna Corwin told them that Ameiko left in a rush after reading a letter. There’s some plot regarding Ameiko’s brother and father. The party went to investigate.

(incomplete notes due to needing to miss half a session for my birthday)

The group came across Tsuto, Ameiko’s brother. Miro tried to have him tortured after he was incapacitated. No one seemed to have any issue, though Vrinn tried to stop it and killed him mercifully, though Miro tried to burn his face off though. Synovia electrocuted Vrinn for his troubles and Bobole wandered off to find a sinspawn. They brought Ameiko back out to the tavern to heal up and return when better equipped.

Tsuto had a journal which depicted several drawings of a naked girl. Also had plans for a goblin raid on Sandpoint, and a ritual for sacrificing Sandpoint to Lemashtu. The woman was a girl named Nualia

Shenanigans. Boble gets himself arrested and Miro becomes his lawyer. Vrinn incites a bar brawl and befriends the goblin he seduced while the were captured. Vrinn stabs his brother in the riot, who is in turn stabbed back. The goblin is shot with an arrow and nearly killed. He eventually brings her to his father’s brothel where she receives healing. Vrinn falls out with his father and brother.

Synovia goes back down into the glassworks by herself and 2 guards. She flees and the party regathers and investigates the basement dungeon together again.

Several bat-creatures and sinspawn roam around in the dungeon, cells where apparent experiments were being conducted on goblins took place. Ended up fighting a quasit who kept on making people flee with spells. Vrinn eventually jumped off of a mezzanine level to grab her in mid air and drown her in a rage pool. His forearms are discoloured and reddened. Vrinn kept his date with the mayor, informed her of what was going on, and spent the night without further incident.

The group went to deal with the goblins at Thistletop. After attempting to stealth in through a cave, a bunyip nearly killed both Bobole and Vrinn. It was dispached, Bobole ate its heart and gave the first bite to Vrinn as the group spent the night in the cave. Following morning the group left the cave and into a goblin ambush. One got away, and Miro nullified any surprise by crashing the bridge down. Vrinn tried to sneak in the back to unlock the fort door from the inside, but the group got it open anyway by throwing some goblin bodies over the walls. The main group fought the goblins at the gates while Vrinn killed some on the inside.

After the fighting, Vrinn found a way down to a complex below the fort and scuffled with a human mage. The main group let some goblins go much to Vrinn’s chagrin, and upon exploring the fort more they came up against the goblin chief Ripnugget. He was a tough fight but they eventually killed him and his lackeys, while Bobole claimed his riding lizard. The group finished exploring the fort and found a cache of treasure before venturing down into the complex that Vrinn found earlier. Miro needed to rest to recover spells, and during that time the group discovered plans for another assault on Sandpoint. Their rest was interrupted by a man named Orik/Alrik, the group originally deceived him into thinking they were new hires, but couldn’t keep the facade up for long. A struggle ensued, he was questioned though didn’t reveal any pertinent information. In the end it was decided to keep him tied up until the group returns through or he frees himself.

There and Back
An emotional climax

Well rested and prepared to press forward, the group traveled deeper into the complex. A maze of passageways, they found a large chapel with a pair of abominations inside. Quickly dispatching the yeth hounds, Synovia and Miro set about examining the large statue and altar at one end while Bobole explored the rest of the room leaving Vrinn to guard the door. Hearing noises outside of someone looking for Orik, the group went out to investigate further. Deeper into the tunnels they came across a harem of female goblins, Bobole’s quick thinking had him act as Vrinn’s captor once again, only to be reinforced by Miro. The ruse seemed to be working until a bugbear burst from a side door and attacked the group, which they quickly cut down, along with one of the female goblins. Miro Gave these ones the chance to flee as well, which they promptly took as the group descended a flight of stairs, deeper under Thistletop.

​Underneath was another large room with desecrated statues believed to be of the original Runelords. Bobole in his impatience set off a trap in the following corridor, in which Vrinn had subsequently and effortlessly reset. Hearing voices and noises from a room beyond, the group followed Miro’s plan in setting an ambush for the occupants, who was later revealed to be Nualia herself. At the sound of the yeth hounds’ howling, Bobole ran from the level in terror followed shortly by Nualia reversing the group’s ambush on themselves. Vrinn having more difficulty in disarming the trap with whirling blades slicing close to his head managed to free himself and Synovia, only to have her flee as well quickly after hearing the other hound’s howl. Vrinn with vengeance in his eyes decided to charge forth into the room regardless, Miro not far behind. With deft strikes he easily decapitated one of the hounds before turning his attention to Nualia in turn, who proved to be tougher than originally anticipated. A drawn out battle ensued with Vrinn severely hindering her abilities, despite being severely bloodied himself. Boble’s return was almost too late to see Vrinn cut down, the battle of attrition ending in Nualia’s favour before she turned her attention to the mounted Goblin. He too was beaten back by Nualia though Synovia’s return saw the tide turn in the group’s favour.

​Nualia’s death wasn’t the only one, as Vrinn lay lifeless on the stone cold floor next to her. It was only with Miro’s behest to any gods who may have been listening that saw the half elf return to life. What price has yet to be paid for Vrinn’s life is yet unknown however.

​Deciding that they had done what they had come to do, the group made their way wearily to the surface, keeping their bargain with Orik and setting him free upon their exit.
​What greeted them upon their return to Sandpoint though was somethnig unexpected. A contingent of goblins, displaced by the Thistletop chieftain’s death, had tried to barge into the town as recompense. It was thanks to Grosilge, the little goblin bard who considered herself a person, and Bobole handing the former-chieftain’s head to the goblin leader, that negotiations didn’t break down too far. The group relieved to see their homes again have a long few days ahead of them getting everything in order…

Wrapping Things Up
Thus ends Chapter One

Let me preface this with acknowledging the brief role play conducted at the start of the session. I didn’t include it here as it was more of a wrap-up/conclusion to the impromptu role play session that took place during the week. I’d like to keep the Adventure Log for the main story line where possible.

Several days after the party returned from their hard-fought battle against Nualia and her forces at Thistletop and given ample time to recover from their wounds, Synovia suggested to Sheriff Hemlock that they take a small contingent of soldiers and engineers to the goblin fort to repair the damage done by the party.

A brief travel towards the Thistletop Woods saw the group watching the forest after spotting a band of goblins rushing into the thick undergrowth. Deciding on the diplomatic route, both Bobole and Grosilge went in search to make contact with the goblins, with Vrinn stalking silently along behind them.

The new goblin chieftain and his cat met the pair in the forest, and after trying to reason with him and failing to peacefully let him let the humans enter their forest and allow them to fix their bridge, Bobole turned himself into a bugbear and thoroughly and utterly intimidated Chief Gogmurt to let them do as they please, even despite the big cat’s attempt to protect it’s master. And so with the goblin’s permission, the humans cut a swathe through the dense underbush for their wagons to pass through to the cliff of the Thistletop Fort, set up camp, and began work.

For the few days that the engineers were working, it allowed the party, along with Sheriff Hemlock and Grosilge, to begin building a rapport with their goblin neighbors. The humans and goblins were stand-offish at first, though with the interpretation skills of Grosilge, the two groups soon were able to work together and the construction of the new bridge was underway in earnest. After an off-hand remark from Synovia calling Grosilge the Queen of Diplomacy, the little goblin bard took this quite literally, using her half-elf husband as a throne, and declaring edicts and ordering fealty from the goblins. A newly knighted Bobole helped ensure Chief Gogmurt’s pledge of allegiance, along with many others. Especially after throwing a jar of goblin pickles into a gathering crowd.

The nights surrounding the human camp were tense. Synovia first needing to scare off a trio of young goblins from getting too close to the wagons, only to have that very same group throw a dead rabbit at her, which she took as a compliment and cooked for her supper. Bobole’s first night was uneventful, though on the second he was accosted by a dejected Gogmurt, summarily chastised, and sent on his way. Vrinn’s night’s as well were quiet (at least after the noises of boing boing with his wife had stopped), though on the second he heard a terrifying scream of a goblin, but was too late in discovering what exactly had happened, and nothing further eventuated.

By the third afternoon, the new bridge had been completed, even with an included collapsing mechanism that would allow the goblins to collapse the bridge if ever they were under attack, and an additional winching mechanism that allowed them to pull it back up in one piece. This, of course, led to many goblins falling into the raging waters below as they found it prudent to test the features while there were some still on it.

With everything in order, the caravan began it’s trek back to Sandpoint in peace.

Burning Love
Onwards to Magnimar!

With Synovia’s business to Magnimar concluded, a shining new dress, and a smile on her face, she thought to develop her blossoming relationship with Aldern Foxglove further. Upon arriving at his manor however, she was greeted at the door by some creature of undeath, along with swarms of dead, flying crows.

Dispatching the foul creatures, and ruining her dress in the process, she galloped as fast as she could back to Sandpoint, arriving in the middle of the night, making a ruckus and waking those who had already gone to sleep. After being rebuked by Vrinn as he tried to work, she settled down for the night, promising to get an early start in the morning to investigate the manor, with the rest of the Heroes of Sandpoint.

Bobole, heavily intoxicated and inviting his drinking buddy back to his cave for more drinking and eating, convinced the fellow guard to take up a brief sparring match. The goblin, not fully understanding the nuance of sparring, ended the exercise before it even began with a swift blow to the man’s gentlemans, essentially damaging their friendship as much as his friend’s chances for future children. (A running theme for Bobole it would seem).

A fresh start in the morning saw Synovia informing Mayor Deverin about the occurrence at Foxglove Manor, who, after the amount of stress she had been under over the few weeks prior, collapsed in the middle of the street. She was escorted back home on Synovia’s arm, who promptly gave the Mayor’s Guards strict orders to not let anyone disturb the mayor unless in was Sheriff Hemlock upon pain of eating their testicles (definitely a running theme). A brief discussion of which way to cook testicles later saw Synovia updating Hemlock on the situation, and gathering Miro and Bobole for breakfast at the Rusty Dragon. During Breakfast however, Miro revealed that the Magic Jar that she had given to a magic college in Magnimar had been switched with a fake. Of course, this did nothing to improve Synovia’s already dour mood, who was absolutely livid, claiming all sorts of unimaginable pain once she caught up with those mages.

With no sign of Vrinn yet, the group made their way to his place of work, the Pixie’s Kitten. A sleepy looking colleague informed them that he had moved in with his wife to the Kaijitsu manor, and that they should try there.
Approaching the house though, the group was met with an unusual sight, a giant lynx prowling the grounds, seeming to be guarding the house. Bobole’s quick with in throwing it a half-eaten seagull to calm the beast allowed Synovia to approach without question. After knocking on the door, the noise of activity seemed to halt, followed by some quick shuffling, and a half-naked Vrinn answered the door. A brief conversation before going back inside to prepare for the road, his wife Grosilge came out, wearing only a strip of fabric, and showed off her new prized mount that Vrinn had purchased for her during his trip to Magnimar. Bobole offered to help her train the beast, and in her exuberance in accepting his offer, the slip of clothing came free, leaving her standing naked in the middle of their new front yard. After recovering herself, she also showed off the wedding ring that Vrinn had also given her, which only caused Bobole to flee for some odd reason.

Eventually, the group set forth to Foxglove Manor together again. When they arrived however, the mansion was in flames, burning wildly and out of control. With little they could do, they searched the ground, the beach, the cliffside, for anything that they could find. Only Synovia’s prints from the night before and another set of prints, male human by the looks, heading away from the house and down into the water.

With little else to do, they waited out the fire, letting it burn the building to the ground. Synovia and Bobole wanted to rush in as soon as it looked as though the fire had died, but with Vrinn’s insistence that they be patient and wait until the fire had definitely burned out and was properly safe, they opted to remain cautious.
A contingent of Sandpoint guards had arrived in the meantime, and while Synovia and Bobole picked through the remains of the charred building, Vrinn questioned the guards about the manor and the Foxglove family.

It was revealed that the mansion was mostly abandoned, presumed haunted, ever since a fire took the lives of many slaves and Lady Foxglove, which lead to Lord Foxglove’s suicide and Aldern Foxglove and his sister to be sent to live in Korvosa. Further questioning opened up a line of enquiry about Foxglove renting out an estate in Magnimar, and with nothing useful to be gained from the empty shell of the building, the group tasked the guard to deliver news back to Sandpoint that they would see this through, and follow the trail back to Magnimar…

Small Fish in a Big Pond
In over their heads?

After getting back on the road to Magnimar after watching Foxglove Manor burn to the ground, the trip was unusually quiet. A couple of days of riding saw the group a mile outside of the large city trying to devise a plan to sneak the goblin Bobole in undetected.

This didn’t work out too well. The unexpected throng of people passing through the gates of Magnimar held them up, causing the spell on Bobole to dissipate among the crowd, naturally causing a scene. Vrinn, who had hidden his association with the party, was allowed to enter the city without suspicion, while Synovia and Miro were escorted in to the watch house.

As the trio were interviewed and detained by the guards, Vrinn was left to his own devices. He found a bounty board not too far from the watch house, and was able to stake out the building while also studying the board and the faces posted.
The others managed to talk their way to some sort of compromise using their moderate reputation as small town folk heroes to bargain their way out of the situation. Still under scrutiny however, the group was asked not to leave town until the situation could be cleared up.

Being told to stay at the up-market hotel called the Magnolia, Vrinn non-discretely conversed with them, garnering what information he could before heading his own way again to find out where the Foxglove’s had their townhouse in the city.

Meanwhile, upon arriving at the Magnolia, Bobole once again caused all kinds of commotion with the refined sensibilities of the clientele. Miro’s defense of his friend’s antics only made the situation more exasperated, and the guards were once again called to deal with the situation. After which, they were escorted to a more humble hotel, the Oasis, in a less polished district, well known for its many Orison influences.

Vrinn during this, had found himself in bureaucratic limbo. In an effort to petition the city council for information on the whereabouts of the Foxglove residence, he was sent on a wild goose chase from one teller to the next. Extortion and daylight robbery was common in the halls, perpetuated by the blatant over taxing for simple information.
Eventually he attracted the notice of a guard after the process wore down his patience a little. But, he kept his cool and followed through with the rest of the process, despite his inner desire to stab everyone in sight.
After being told to sit and wait, he did just that. Calmly and patiently he waited, for hours, until he was just another part of the furniture. Dusk came and went, everyone but the guards patrolling the halls had left, and he was left to his own devises. Sneaking around the mostly empty halls, he came across what seemed to be the door to the treasury. The magically trapped doorway however proved too difficult for him at the time, and he set off the waiting ward, nearly killing him in the process. Knowing when he was beaten, he escaped while he could, still undetected, and squirreled away into the night. After finding out that his horse had been impounded from the front of the hall, he booked a room at the Magnolia hotel, where he slept off the effects of the spell’s damage.

Ignorant of their rogue companions antics, the others were escorted straight to the Oasis hotel, a friendly Orisian manager welcoming them with much more hospitality than that of the Magnolia. After the guards explained why they were there, and extracting a promise from Synovia that they wouldn’t cause any more trouble, the guards left them then to get back to their postings. Miro, however, had begun acting strangely, prostrating himself at Synovia’s feet, kneeling by her side, and had found a new liking for calling her master. This didn’t go unnoticed however, as one of the other patrons of the hotel cast a disgusted look in their direction before retiring to his own room.
The proprietor, a truly wise man, managed to seem to know exactly what to do with Bobole, and instead of giving him alcohol as per his request, instead gave the goblin a concoction of some sort of herbal tea. The settled Bobole down quite a lot, to the point where he found himself sitting in the corner, watching the world go by quietly. So much so that Synovia and Miro could have a private conversation to themselves without needing to have to worry about where and what and how much trouble the little scamp was getting himself into.

The following morning, skipping breakfast as Synovia had lost her appetite after once more being given a dirty look by the other visitor at the hotel, even being called a crass name at her apparent ownership of Miro, the trio went back out into the city to try and recover Syovia’s heirloom from the mage’s college. Vrinn, meanwhile, went to try and track down his friends.

I'm not as good at this as Jay

1. Bobole had a bad dream.
1.1. Vrinn stayed at the Magnolia
2. Synovia met Imahnee and Naomee
3. Miro, Bobole and Synovia went to the Magnolia to retrieve Vrinn
4. The party went to the mage college to get Synovia’s jar back
5. The party found that the jar had been part of experiments that unleashed chaotic magic.
6. The original scholar was a crook and fled. Vrinn offered to be a bounty hunter for him.
7. The party went shopping for Gildie.

There's A Mystery To Solve!
Getting the band back together...

Upon arriving back in Sandpoint, the party finds that they’ve missed a few things while away. Black strips of cloth are tied to doors and signs, indicating a town in mourning. Fearing the worst, Synovia and Miro speed towards the Rusty Dragon, while Bobole and Vrinn make their way towards the town center.

Finding a distraught Grosilge mourning over the death of four goblins, while another eight humans also lay dead, Vrinn forcibly orders Bobole to take her to the Rusty Dragon lest either of them make any social faux pars. Finding out from Zantus that a string of murders occurred in their absence, he also learns that Mayor Deverin had been committed to the sanitarium after suffering a mental break down. This allowed Myrtle Krape, the resident busy-body and leader of the Sandpoint Women’s League, to step in and assume control of the town. Her high-and-mighty, holier-than-thou attitude towards Vrinn caused him to snap, and in a fit of rage stabbed her in front of everyone, including Sheriff Hemlock, who promptly escorted him to the garrison to be imprisoned.

Meanwhile, Bobole had chased after Grosilge who had ran away after being spoken so harshly to by her husband, managed to calm her down. They formulated a plan between them to have the remaining eight goblin refugees to be allowed inside safely and bypass mayorial required permission.

Synovia, upon learning of Deverin’s committal and Krape’s play for power, went off into a rage, swearing that she would cut the older woman down herself. Miro attempted to disuade her from the effort, even trying with the aid of magic, but she was too unreasonable. It was only after harsh words from Ameiko and one destroyed kitchen later that Synovia calmed down enough to not go through with her attempt at Myrtle, still unaware than she barely lay alive after the near fatal stabbing.

Meanwhile in prison, Vrinn’s complete contempt for authority showed itself, his haughty attitude towards Hemlock not doing him any favours, while he even refused Miro’s counsel when the halfling later visited him. It was Synovia who managed to talk some sense into him though, her own desire to see the old crone sans head denied to her apparent as they spoke.

Meanwhile, Bobole and Grosilge had gathered the remaining goblins in the north guard house by the time Hemlock had answered the request for his presence. Perhaps it was the sheer ludicrousness of Bobole’s idea, perhaps the entire weight of everything that had happened bearing down on him, but either way, he saw merit in Bobole’s plans to deputize the eight goblins and a scouting branch. This way the goblins wouldn’t be forced to live outside of the walls, and would become (hopefully) law-abiding citizens in their own right.

Eventually, a bargain was struck with Hemlock to release Vrinn from jail on bail, Miro needing to borrow the necessary coin from Vrinn’s father with a promise to pay him back one day.

With the party back together again, they set about going over the clues to try and figure out who the culprit, or culprits, is behind the murders!

The Plot Thickens

Things happened. A kid got shot. Miro and Vrinn argued. Lorren is hot. Rawr.

I’ll update this properly when I feel more motivated…

Sex, violence, and madness, but not in the 80's way.

Our group of intrepid adventurers went to investigate the swamp to deal with the ghouls they believed to be the culprits. The party, Bobole especially, we’re unprepared for the sheer numbers the ghouls possessed, nearly getting overwhelmed in the process. But our hero’s we’re victorious, while Synovia contemplated burning the marsh down Bobole brought up a fact that put the party back to square one, the bite of ghouls turn others into ghouls, and none of the victims became ghouls, ergo the ghouls we’re not the culprit of these murders. After returning back to give Zantus the good news they went to the Rusty Dragon where the entire party proceeded to rat one another out to Ameko, Synovia and her Bo, Miro and his attempt to play slave and make Synovia master, Bobole and his grislt wounds (Thou he admitted that one himself.) and Vrin….well it can be presumed he did something he shouldn’t. After a long bought of laughing they made their way to the sanitarium, going to interview the single survivor and see Kendra. They we’re greeted by a thin, scared man who wanted nothing to do with them, but after some persuading they we’re allowed to see the patient. While he went to get him Miro turned Bobole invisible, allowing him to sneak in undetected. The survivor was less then amenable to talking it seemed, only mumbling to himself. That is until Synovia spoke up, he went into a rave talking about Skinsaw and said that if she gave herself to his lord the killings would stop, maddened as to why loved her more then him. The party, naturally ruffled, wished to see Kendra, once again it took a bit of persuasion, and while Miro read his thoughts it seemed the good doctor was hiding something. Kendra was….not a pretty sight, a shade of her former self. While Miro suspected all her wounds we’re the result of abuse it turned out all had been done solely by her. The party was heart broken, but as they get ready to leave there is still the issue of Bobole, who is stuck inside…


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