Rise of the Runelords

Belly of the Beast...
What powerful foes await the heroes?

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The adventurers slew one dragon only to be attacked by another young red dragon that seemed able to move through the snow of Ayah’s spell with eae. Pushing it’s cowed companion aside it seared the party with a blast of it’s hot flame.

Thinking fast, Aryah took the magic staff they found fighting the spiders and crafted a wall of stone to separate the party from any further dragon attacks. Navea, rescued from her plight as a mean, healed the party as best she was able as Mara attempted to deal with the bears on the ramp. Aryah taking no chances, crafts a wall as a barrier to them as well.

Realizing that what the party needs is more time, Aryah creates a third and final wall to the south in an attempt to give the party a safe haven in the Giants’ dining hall and kitchen. Aryah chastises Mara, for if the young impetuous teen had not harried the old crone giant, she may have helped the warriors navigate this cavern. She found no support with Miro in suggesting the youngster be teleported back to Sandpoint if she fails to obey further orders. After some more formal introductions, the heroes fell asleep to Navea’s nap stack spell, though their rest is cut short when Mara and Aryah awaken to sounds of movement.

To the north and south the stone walls were removed! The final dragon approached for an attack and Mara sounded the alarm. Miro hoping to escape dashed forward and met 3 giants ready for an attack. Fighting bravely, the party slew the dragon, Cheveyo fell defeating an Ogre, and Mara made quick work of the rune tattooed giant.

The heroes are in the belly of the beast and it’s clear that this will not be easy.
Miro retreats, finds more giants

A short game

Navea +8 Dex Misc Bonus = What is this from.
Sean would like to do a better job of the DM of checking Navea’s sheet

The adventure continues…

Having cleared the great hall of giants (and a dragon), the party attempts to push deeper into the catacombs, but immediately run up against more foes. Confidence that they aren’t in over their heads, wavers with Gulo and Miro while Aryah remains resolute that the only path is forwards.

More giants and dragons appear, thought one giant attempts to entreat with the party for peace. Mara does not negotiate with giants however and she attacked the peaceful old crone with as much fervor as any other giant she has incinerated. The Crone retreats and leaves the party to deal with the dragon.

Gulo attempting to flank run across an altar room where the spirit of a flailed giant accosts him. Does Gulo wilt in front of this horror? No, he pushes on to the victory of whipping a young dragon nearly into submission.

What awaits the party next time? Only the DM knows.

New Beginnings
The Wedding

Synovia stops and stretches. They have been getting the Rusty Dragon in order for the last 2 days, and it is almost looking back to normal. She stands and watches as the goblin twins, under the direction of Gildie, take over the decorating of the room. She smiles, she doesn’t know which is more amusing, the goblins skittering around trying to give the Dragon their idea of festive, or the bemused expressions of the Hell Knights sent to keep an eye on them. She goes over the list of things she need to get done before tomorrow for the 1000th time. “My sista, it is very late. Go to bed. A bride should not have bags undah her eyes.” She smiles down at Miro. “I just wanted to make sure everything is ready” Miro gives her a fake hurt look "You wound me. You think I will allow anything to be less than perfect. Now go get your beauty sleep.’’ On her way out she chuckles as she over hears Gulo as he mutters “All this, just to schutp . I will never understand humans.”

She wakes in the morning with the smells of exotic spices filling the air, and a knocking on her door " You are going to sleep through your own wedding." The door opens as Kendra comes in bringing a breakfast of fruit, cheese and bread. The next few hours are spent getting ready. At ten in the morning she walked down the stair to the waiting Balor " You look beautiful. Are you sure you want him, you can go back up the stairs and go back to sleep." She smiles and looks at him “Imahnee is the other half of my soul” They stepped out into the cold, crisp air and walked to the city square and the beginning of her new life.

The retirement of Synovia Pias

Syn walks through Sandpoint, saying hello to those she knows, looking at the damage caused by the recent troubles, watching as people worked together to rebuild, and what Gulo calls the Goblin Ghetto and the Hell Knight bastards who created it, and the words of Ameiko and Miro come to mind “you have a choice.”
She continues walking toward the caves where she and Bobole trained going over the events of the last few months. She started this to save her city, and the people she loved. Her journey lead her to Imahnee, the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with, and yet she keeps leaving him and the home she wanted to protect. Every time she comes back, the town is changed, not for the better but worse, changed so much that Ameiko walked away. She turns around and views the city that she loves, the city where so much evil has happened and so much has changed.
As she stands there, her eyes are drawn not to the destruction, but toward the The glass works, the Lighthouse and Choppers Isle, where so much evil happened, and realizes that they are now symbols of hope and rebirth for Sandpoint.
The Glassworks is now the home to the goblins and works of art that defy the stereo type of goblins. The Lighthouse and Choppers Isle, where Miro’s collage is taking shape, will offer opportunity to any determined enough to seek it. These places along with the survivor spirit of the people, will bring prosperity back to Sandpoint.
That realization brings clarity. She does have a choice, and she chooses hope.

The Idle Chatter of Heroes New and Old
Synovia and Chuffy Abandon the Errant Life of the Hero

1st of Calistria

A few days old now, Vrinn-doting father- spends much of his time with Grosilge and his pups. Chuffy supports the new family by running errands for his queen, administering her medication, and taking pains to make sure she is comfortable. The Queen herself, no longer filled with growing half goblin, 1/4 human, 1/4 elf babies has returned her attention to her play.

The quarantine continues but somehow the elven scout and new grandmother Vinadaea finds were way inside the goblin ghetto to visit her little “winter beans”, a name she’s given the four pups for their pale green and pink color.

An argument ensues when she finds Vrinn, using the small babes to keep a map of Varisia flat and he finds her insisting on naming his children after elvish tradition. After much bickering, Vrinn insists on naming the children Person, Pickles, Winter and Bean – much to his mother’s dismay. Grosilge seeing the logic in these names, fails to support Vinadea’s claim that on top of being racial anomalies, their names will only lead to their further mocking by others. The Vandiirs are none to worried.

Chuffy running and errand for his queen finds out that Ameiko is gone and that Synovia has something big planned. Synovia decided earlier in the day with Imahnee to end her life of adventure and to stay in Sandpoint with her beau and finally settle down and be wed.

As the goblin returned he was set upon my first Rynshinn who wished to deliver the promised basket of baby goods and Lucy who gave him so more medicines and a promise to support him to end the quarantine.

Later in the day, Synovia was finally able to get Chuffy and Vrinn to hear her decision regarding her staying in Sandpoint and not joining them for the assault on Jorgenfist. Although she insisted that they’ll need to find a replacement, neither Chuffy nor Vrinn seemed terribly worried about being put out by her absence. Before Vrinn could leave behind Chuffy, a halfling youth entered and approached.

Mara Flameheart, halfing, orphan, and apparently a girl of some great power found that after the fires caused by the dragon stole her family and stability she needed to step forward to help the Heroes of Sandpoint in stopping this New Unpleasantness. Vrinn and Synovia were taken a little bit aback by her age though the deemed it worth a shot to at least see what she could do.

The Pixie’s Mansion was a perfect place to stage a try out as the gardens behind the manor were segmented to showcase the 4 basic elements. Mara guided them to the Fire Garden and with a flourish and a burst of power unlike the arcane, a blue flame shot forth a symbol the created in the air into the large metal bowl in the center of the patio.

Impressed, Vrinn realized that Mara would make an excellent convert to the faith of Calistria and offered Mara and her sister a place to stay at the Pixie’s Mansion until Mara was able to return home from the adventure.

Later, the Hell Knights occupying both Sandpoint and the Sandpoint Garrison found that Malcom Hyram Andalysius has somehow managed to escape his cell and replace its contents with an elderly man who could not explain how he had gotten there.

During the tizzy, a Shoanti woman entered the city and attempted to get guidance to the garrison. Vrinn attempting to guide the newcomer away from the stoic and surly Hell Knights, ran afoul of her personal space.

It was eventually revealed that the woman was a relative of one of the dead Fort Rannick rangers and wished to find out more of what she could do to stop the chaos.

Rewind in time and Forward Thinking
Of Hell Knights and Rivals

The Rival Adventuring Party of Amal, Rhianthus, Tovah, Brill, and Amber headed to the Lord-Mayor’s to give a report of their success. Vrinn with an ever-reading Pilar followed. Once there, the half-elf took the opportunity to sing his own praises and request the mayor reward him for his efforts by giving him a shop, the Seven’s Sawmill and, to top it all off, the Foxglove Manor.

After a few threats and a little magical manipulation, Vrinn was successful in intimidating the Mayor into the the gift of a shop and the Foxglove manor, but having promised the Seven’s Sawmill to the Scarnetti he was hard pressed to instead give Vrinn the promise of a favor. As a man used to being in power, this left him with a bad taste in his mouth for the half-elf.

Meanwhile back in Sandpoint, Gulo was intrigued by the Hell Knights and attempted to speak with their leader Paralictor Darean Halst. The human knight was none-to-impressed by the hobgoblin and instructed the goblinoid to retreat to the quarantine zone to await further instruction.

Gulo did so, seeing the zone as a kind of ‘ghetto’ for goblinoids. The zone surrounded the glassworks and allowed the goblins, previously sequestered to the Glassworks alone to a larger area where they were free to run rampant in the streets. The gunslinger sought out Roxreez, his jager apprentice and Goblin Sheriff, as he felt concerned that the Hell Knights would eventually turn on the goblinoids of Sandpoint and kill them all.

Synovia took her job to settle Lilly and her family seriously and planned for a day of finding the family a home. When she asked Ameiko if she wouldn’t mind babysitting Lilly, Ameiko dropped the heavy axe by telling her that she intended to give the Rusty Dragon to Synovia so that she could leave for a life of adventure. Unable to believe this news, Synovia resisted the key to the shop and begged Ameiko to reconsider while she was away.

After finding the Shade family a home, she looked for Naomee to get a bit of advice and sympathy but the older woman was not forthcoming with a direct answer, much to her dismay. Afterwards, she met with Sheriff Hemlock to get more advice and discovered the goblin quarantine zone and was none to pleased. She attempted to gain entry and was denied and now has a mission to end the blockade of the goblins.

Chuffy, newly arrived in Sandpoint then newly quarantined meets with his queen, Grosilge, and hears her distress at the blockade. Not liking it either, he suggests the meet with Gulo and Roxreez where they devise the plan that the goblins as a population need to appear orderly and compliant. Roxreez eagerly seizes on the idea that she would be able to exert more power over the goblins in this capacity, though Chuffy warns her against being overly abusive.

Vrinn, newly arrived in Sandpoint, meets with his lover Rynshinn and delivers the good news about having acquired a shop for her in Magnimar. Excited to see him back and with such good news, the half-elf seamstress cooks him a meal and they cook up some romance. She informs him that he won’t be able to visit his goblin lover now that there is a blockade.

Magnimar - Party Parts, Bureaucracy Bites, Commerce Climbs
Hellknights head to Hometown

H2. Synovia and Gulo

After convincing Lily’s father that she was destined for wizardhood and that her apprenticeship should be with Miro, Synovia and Gulo decided they were better back and Sandpoint now that they had sold their goods.

The 3-day journey back was uneventful save for a contingent of Hell Knights barrelling down the Lost Coast Road from Magnimar to Sandpoint. Synovia tried to hail them for attention but failed to be worthy of notice. Probably a good thing, given the reputation of the stern, single minded army.

Discovering the Gulo did not celebrate birthdays, Lily made him a hobgoblin doll, stating it would make him feel better. Never one to understand human customs of kindness, Gulo mistook the gift as a kind of charm, much to Synovia’s amusement.

The Hell Knights were already established in Sandpoint by the time they arrived, having set up advanced scouts and even a curfew. Ameiko, tired and haggard, from months of crises, made up with Synovia and gave shelter to Lily’s family in Miro’s room.

Gulo returned to the Garrison to speak to Hemlock about the new soldiers from Magnimar.

Chuffy and Miro

The intrepid goblin business owner, after meeting potential business partners in Naos, decided to get help from Miro to further his plans to buy a store to sell Goblin Glass. The halfling was all too happy to take Chuffy under his wing, so to speak, and show him the in and outs of commerce though they first needed help from the ratfolk captain, Prarrihl.

After a little greasing of palms, Prarrihl gave the two a few names of possible business managers and contacts and after determining they would need a license and to buy property, it became clear they would need to go to the Hall of Ushers, better known as, bureaucratic hell.

Devising the plan of Miro disguised as a Varisian halfling servant and Chuffy as a Minkai halfling names Ciaran Kaijitsu, they queued in a long line of eager applicants. After hours of corrupting ferrying back and forth, Miro diving deeper and deeper into the abyss in an attempt to win against the Magnimar establishment, Chuffy a more passive route and was able to secure 135 Corwyn Way in Naos, near the Capital district.

Just in the Nick of Time
But not really

After wrapping up some final things in Turtleback Vrinn decided to stay behind to hunt down the Lamia and her minions, Miro, being a true mage, used magical mounts to expedite the travel, much to the chagrin of Synovia, who wanted to bring her horse back from the small village along the way. Doomwing recovered along the way, thou Miro was still a bit in disparage to care much. After riding throu most of the night and day the party manages to get to the village before the attack, much to everyone’s joy. An emergency meeting is set up, Gulo and Chuffy doing most of the planning initially with Miro and Synovia coming in a bit later.

Monster Mash!

The town of Turtleback Farrey was flooding with water, either from the constant rain or possibly more sinister means, but either way the villagers we’re scrambling for safety, a majority going to the church. Our valient hero’s we’re quick to action, Miro used his magics to give flight to himself and Gulo as to better move around and summoned a verity of undersea creatures and merbro’s to rescue the hapless villagers. Synovia and Chuffy went to go help a group of children and their teacher, a gaint black snake coming to try and score a free meal, only to end up dining on Synovia’s blade. Gulo went about tethering the ships that had been thrown out inwards into the ocean, being mistaken for an angel, albiet it an ugly one. Vrinn “saved” the halfling, soon to be ex, couple, he “saved” the wife first, and planned to save her multiple times. All seemed to be going well until massive monster came raising from the lake, something non of the hero’s could identify and the villagers (One of whom was a Cheesewright) could only call Onteah. Gulo and Miro did their best to distract the monster, Gulo firing like a mad man and Miro, in either planned or accidental brilliance, managed to temporarily fling the monster out of time for a moment, long enough for Gulo to get the villagers out of the church. The monster soon came back, and surprisingly, or unluckily, the party who had originally been tasked with investigating the Blackarrows showed up. Chuffy, panicking at the fearsome creature, fly and mannicaly explained the situation the best he could, thou the B team needed little motivation to come in and help. After the party and the B Team conversed (Gulo accidentally revealing Vrinn’s planting of rumors, much to the Paladin’s fury.) and they came to the conclusion that they would stay to help Turtleback Ferry while the party went to go and deal with the soon to be invading force.

In the caves

After the assault on the fort, the adventurers tracked the Ogres to a cave system . After taking care of the First group of Ogres, the found and defeated a coven of witches. Miro offered a a chance of surrender to an Ogre. The offer was accepted, however Vrinn creeped up behind the ogre and murdered it. Sending Miro into a tail spin, and causing Miro to alienate Synovia. On a bright note, Doomwing was found with clipped wings and unable to cast spells, but alive. Our heroes decided to rest in the caves. Synovia and Miro overheard a conversation between some passing ogres about possible trouble in Sandpoint They party headed back toward Sandpoint , passing through Turtleback Ferry only to find the town flooded.


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