Rise of the Runelords

Back on Track

With all avenues leading to discovering Grosilge‘s location turning into dead ends, the Heroes of Sandpoint find themselves dejected and out of luck. Instead, they decide to turn their focus once more to the hunt of the Brother’s of Seven, the cult that would appear to be behind the mysterious murders in both Sandpoint and Magnimar.

A plan is formulated to search for more clues that utilizes each member’s strength. Miro, with Synovia to back him up in case there’s trouble, return to the Foxglove Townhouse in hopes to find clues that might have been overlooked after the fight with the impostor Aldern. Their investigation turns up little of worth however, at least that is by the time their snooping attracts the attention of the Magnimar guard. Questioned for their suspicious behaviour, the pair are led back to the watch house for further interrogation.

Meanwhile, Vrinn and Ukawada are canvassing Dockway for any further leads in much the same way that they did in the Underbridge. Vrinn follows a few suspicious characters, the mark of his goddess warning him of their importance. These turn out to be false leads however, and have little to do with their current objective. That is until he is warned of an old drunkard spilling out from one of the taverns…

All the while, Doomwing has been sent on a task to continue the hunt for any locations that might be able to house the group’s missing goblin.

At the watch house, Miro and Synovia learn that the lead suspect for the guards is a man fitting Vrinn’s description. Managing to talk their way out of a potentially sticky situation, the pair then retire back to the Oasis Inn to wait for their companions.

Vrinn, disguised as a friend to the suspicious drunk with Ukawada still in tow manages to pump out some information about the mysterious cult. He is soon revealed to be a stranger however, so Vrinn kills the man for his past indiscretions. With no other leads, the pair return to the Foxglove townhouse in hopes of meeting back up with the others, but find guards stalking the premises instead. Sneaking back into the house, Vrinn rifles through the documents once more, and now without any distractions finds a clue pointing towards a sawmill elsewhere in Magnimar.

With new information in hand, the group reconnects and concocts a plan to scout out the district of industry thanks to Doomwing’s earlier scouting having revealed the location of several possible locations. This bares more fruit as the sawmill in question is discovered, and a plan is hatched to storm the building in a pincer attack.

Big Trouble in Little Magnimar!
Debating, beatings, and cheating.

In the middle of dealing with the aftermath of Ukawada’s spell Miro began to propose people moving from Underbridge to Sandpoint, resulting in a heated debate between him and Ukawada. Synovia was handling the thug and Vrinn was trying to do his best with lilly, when suddenly the temple is stormed by unknown assailants. Miro tells everyone to flee out the exit (Resulting in many injuries.) while the PCs dealt with the assailants, said assailants turned out to be Hellknights, lead by the grand lictor. Synovia was able to difusse the situation to the best of her ablities, allowing the PCs to leave the Underbridge, thou with the threat of imprisonment should they return. Meanwhile Vrinn and Lily took to the ceiling to avoid the Hellknights, where he met a noble’s daughter (Not that he knew that yet) whom he would introduce later that night to the party, along with doing other things with her. All seemed calm until he went to go check on Grosilge, only to find she wasn’t there! Distraught he went on the hunt for her, resulting in everything pointing to Dizzy, or someone who looked like her. Through his searchings everything seems to point she went of her own accord, much to Vrinns woe. Lilly meanwhile invented the Bacon song and generally confounded Miro, and amusing Synovia.

Murdering Magnimar

Note: I’ve been super busy and preoccupied with other things this week, so apologies if this isn’t my usual quality

Fresh from the road, the group decided to go straight to the townhouse where Foxglove lived. Finding him alive and well, this of course had them suspicious from the outset. Inviting themselves in for tea, the Heroes questioned Foxglove.

After hearing a noise in another room, Foxglove excused himself, only to be spied upon by Vrinn. Seeing Foxglove with Vrinn’s kidnapped wife, her burst through the door with his swords leading the way to stab straight into the nobleman.

This triggered an ambush by a group of cultists, with Foxglove revealed as being in league with the attackers.

The heroes eventually slew all but two of the cultists who had fled into the streets. Miro stayed back at the townhouse to guard Grosilge, while Ukawada attempted to chase down one, with Synovia and Vrinn on the heels of the other. Ukawada returned empty handed while between the two of them, Vrinn and Synovia managed to chase theirs down in a wooded area outside of Magnimar.

Some brief questioning revealed that their headquarters was located in Riddleport, with a sect in the Irespan district of Magnimar, located underneath the massive and decrepit bridge.

Searching the townhouse revealed more clues about the identity of the secret organization called the Brotherhood of Seven, and in among a hidden trove of documents was the deed to Foxglove Manor, implicating the Foxglove family in this sect, along with suspicious spendings regarding Aldern’s sister’s travelling expenses.

The group having ransacked the house for what they could, rented rooms in the Oasis Inn where they had stayed in their previous trip. Thus they formulated a plan to comb the Irespan in hopes of finding the base of this secret organization.

New Faces and Old Enemies

Still with much preparing to do, the group find themselves discussing their plans for the evening’s trap in the Rusty Dragon.

Meanwhile a newcomer to Sandpoint finds himself sitting at the table over from them. A frustrated Synovia, noticing that he still hasn’t been served by any of the waitresses, and that he may be paying a little too much attention to their discussion, wanders over to take his order and head off any suspicious activity.

Introducing himself as Diven, his first impression is poor at best. Hitting on Synovia, rather crudely, while Imahnee is sitting barely ten feet away earns the man a forceful slap across the face, a broken nose the most likely result. Synovia stomps off, taking his order to the kitchens before returning to the planning.

Diven does indeed manage to eavesdrop on the planning, and wedges himself into the group, offering his services in the hunt for the killer. Still with some reservations, the Heroes of Sandpoint accept the help, filling him in on what has transpired so far, and what they plan to do about it. With that, final preparations begin.

After the evening meal, the remaining Heroes of Sandpoint, along with Ukawada, Diven, Imahnee, and Sheriff Hemlock, take their positions for the ambush, along with the members of the Goblin Squad lying in wait for Vrinn’s orders to act. Hours pass with no sign of their target. But then, a cloaked figure appears.

The suspect speaks with Synovia, revealing that he is the one she’s been waiting for. A brief conversation later and Synovia draws him closer into the trap. With him in just the right spot, Vrinn tags him with ink and springs the trap. There’s a flurry of activity as first everyone rushes the man. Dealt a vicious blow by Diven, he is eventually brought down by Imahnee while still leaving him alive.

Thiking it was too easy, Vrinn scours the area and sees a building on fire off in the distance, roughly in the direction of the Rusty Dragon. Shouting orders for Hemlock to arrest the man unconscious on the ground, he calls for the rest to follow him to the fire. Diven, however, brings his axe to to split the skull of the man on the pavement, silencing him forever before giving chase with the rest of the group.

Finding that Ameiko’s inn isn’t ablaze, Vrinn scales the building, adrenaline pushing him to greater heights of acrobatic skill as his fears are confirmed; the Pixie’s Kitten is the one on fire.

Jumping straight from the roof and down onto the street, somersaulting into a spring, he leads the charge to the brothel and upon seeing his father on the roof helping the working girls out of the building, charges straight into the building with no regard for his safety, though doesn’t quite manage to dive in through the window, the pressure inside too great to let him smash through the glass.

Water spells from Miro and with Diven’s and Synovia’s strength, they manage to burst in through the front door. A cursory glance reveals that the common area of the brothel has been abandoned to the flames, so Synovia and Diven race up the stairs to aid in the rescue effort.

Vrinn and Ukawada follow in next. Ukawada formulating a plan to turn himself into an elemental of air hopes to suck such air out of the room. However his intent backfires and one fans the flames to greater heights as Vrinn, almost succumbing to the smoke, continues to search the ground floor more thoroughly.

With his folly revealed, Ukawada switches tactics and leaves the building, flames following his oxygen trail out and into the sky in a spectacular display. High in the sky, he changes himself into an elemental of water, splashing down on the building and this time effectively combatting the fire as Imahnee uses his own magic to turn into a Blastoise and hydropump the building create a magical stream of water, aiding Ukawada’s efforts.

Synovia manages to help ferry the remaining girls up onto the roof with Farnsworth, while Diven, unable to help further, joins in the search on the ground floor for anyone else.

Meanwhile Vrinn with his familiarity of the building, makes quick work of the search effort, even unlocking and opening his father’s office with a flick of his wrist, having had so much experience with that lock alone making the task all the more easily. Upon opening the door however, he’s splashed by water as a frightened Bambi, underwear on her head in some effort to prevent smoke inhalation, mistakes her rescuer for the fire, coming to get her. Not one to press the issue, Vrinn grabs Bambi and tosses her towards Diven, shouting at him over the roar of the flames to get her out of there. Watching him go, Vrinn then proceeds to shove as much of his father’s coin and paperwork into whatever pockets, bags, sacks, boxes, whatever, he can carry, and makes his way out of the back door.

(To be continued)

Broken Families and Broken Hearts

With a new days comes more heartbreak. Grosilge, Vrinn’s goblin wife, bustled her way into the jail upon hearing the news that the half elf was once more imprisoned. With no easy way to break the news to her, he simply laid out the hard truth of Boboles death to her, which she took badly. Sobbing against her husband, he tried to comfort her the only way he knew how…

Miro, having taken the death of his friend extremely harshly, was counseled from his stupor by the worried Father Zantus and the newly enlightened and strange goblin, Chunder. Steeling himself against his grief, he needed to return to the Rusty Dragon, if nothing else to make amends with his adopted mother.

Meanwhile, an exotic shepherd had made his way to the Sandpoint gates. A brief, albeit ill communicated conversation later, and he was pointed towards the Rusty Dragon Inn under the assumption that he was looking for someone to buy his sheep. The guards reasoning that the Inn’s rather eccentric proprietor could always use some lamb for her stews figured that she would be the best one to speak with, and would get the strange man away from their vicinity.

With little to no evidence available to hold Vrinn in jail, Hemlock was pleased to see the back of the troublesome half elf, especially after suspicions of guards fraternizing with the prisoner were beginning to become more solid. The sheriff asked that Vrinn look in on Synovia though, and ensure that she don’t do anything rash, like get herself killed in going after this killer by herself.

Udawada, the foreign shepherd, found his way to the previously noted inn and proceeded to explain that he did not in fact want to sell any of his sheep, but did instead want to find a place to stable them. Ameiko unable to understand his request, palmed the man off to Synovia with directions to try and by some sheep. She instead directed him to another establishment for his lodgings, and the stables where he might be able to let his sheep stay.

Miro and Vrinn arrived at the inn within moments of each other. Miro with the need to apologize to Ameiko, did such, while Vrinn sat down with Synovia to devise a plan that involved all of them. His earlier plot to use the seeming target of this mysterious Lord’s affections as bait was solidified. But he surmised that the shadowy figure would know that something was wrong if Synovia suddenly tried to find the killer herself.

In an effort to outwit their quarry, Vrinn suggested that it appear as though Synovia had become ostracized by the group, perhaps a particularly volatile argument would suffice. Before they could finish their planning though, the tall Suli woman was called over by Ameiko and Miro. In an astoundingly spectacular fashion, the exchange between the three became heated which lead to Synovia storming out of the tavern, as she had been prone to do from time to time when her temper got the better of her.

Fooling even Vrinn however with her acting, she only made a show of the tantrum, instead sneaking back in through the back door.

After everything had settled, Synovia still somewhat upset, a large looming shadow passed over the door to the Rusty Dragon Inn. All inside looked up to see a rather large, handsome, and muscular Osirion man with an elderly woman in his company. Imahnee and Naomee had finally made it to Sandpoint. The object of Synovia’s desires had finally made his way from Magnimar. At the sight however, Synovia burst from the hall and upstairs towards her room, leaving the guests startled and confused with Vrinn, in the mood for mischief, and Ameiko, a very, very approving matchmaker.

Eventually Vrinn left the inn to try and spread the rumor that Synovia had fallen from favor and that she was trying to hand herself over to this mysterious killer. Synovia, after some very strict words from Ameiko, managed to compose herself and go down to entertain her guests.

Vrinn meanwhile had made it as far as Rynshinn’s clothing store where perhaps the most beautiful woman in the entire town was all too pleased to entertain perhaps the most beautiful man in the entire town. He managed to charm his way into her bed with her, and upon learning that Vrinn was still serious about Grosilge, proceeded to break down in tears, wanting him all to herself.

Synovia meanwhile introduced Imahnee to Hemlock, her father figure, who took an instant disliking to the man. Even going as far as throwing a hammer at his head, clocking him cleanly.

Broken Family

The day like many others started at the garrison where the party covered some loose ends following the foul play at the sanatorium. While counseling with Hemlock and Armstrong a man flew in the room abluster with troubles in the south farmlands. The party took to action almost immediately mounting up and moving out to “save the day”.

Upon arrival at the farm it is quickly found that the entire farm has run afoul of ghouls, a reacquiring circumstance troubling the region. As they fight their way towards the heart of the cornfield they find a man pinned to a scarecrow just like the ghouls defeated before the man was found. The party helps him down only to quickly discover that he had been turned. Miro and Vrinn took pity on the man and after begging that the party to help his family. Miro delayed his affliction long enough that the man may see his family one last time only to uncover the entire family had been torn assunder. Those who were not turned were already dead. While Miro greaved and Vrinn sought to honor the husband and wifes remains, Synovia and Bobole left to look into the barn. They were ambushed and during the fight Bobole succumed to ghoul fever. Miro and Vrinn rejoined their friends in the final moments to turn the dreadful battle back to the parties favor. Bobole concerned about his affliction ignored Miro’s consolment and took to the road for some time to reflect on his life.

The party remained to deal with the remaining ghouls and ensure the area’s safety. It was not til after the finished they realized Boboles absence. So they went back towards Sandpoint hoping to find bobole on the way. During their travels they find signs of an attack and in a moment of worry Synovia uses the last remaining use of her Jar to whisk them to bobole’s location. They appear after the strange teleport at a strange scene becoming all too common. The party parts the seas of people only to find Bobole pinned to a beam by a long sword and a note implicating Vrinn in the murder. Vrinn was then taken by Hemlock to the garrison “again” leaving synovia to contend with the crowd and worse yet an anger stricken Miro whos mind seems to have been torn assunder by yet another…. Broken Family. 2008_83.jpg

Sex, violence, and madness, but not in the 80's way.

Our group of intrepid adventurers went to investigate the swamp to deal with the ghouls they believed to be the culprits. The party, Bobole especially, we’re unprepared for the sheer numbers the ghouls possessed, nearly getting overwhelmed in the process. But our hero’s we’re victorious, while Synovia contemplated burning the marsh down Bobole brought up a fact that put the party back to square one, the bite of ghouls turn others into ghouls, and none of the victims became ghouls, ergo the ghouls we’re not the culprit of these murders. After returning back to give Zantus the good news they went to the Rusty Dragon where the entire party proceeded to rat one another out to Ameko, Synovia and her Bo, Miro and his attempt to play slave and make Synovia master, Bobole and his grislt wounds (Thou he admitted that one himself.) and Vrin….well it can be presumed he did something he shouldn’t. After a long bought of laughing they made their way to the sanitarium, going to interview the single survivor and see Kendra. They we’re greeted by a thin, scared man who wanted nothing to do with them, but after some persuading they we’re allowed to see the patient. While he went to get him Miro turned Bobole invisible, allowing him to sneak in undetected. The survivor was less then amenable to talking it seemed, only mumbling to himself. That is until Synovia spoke up, he went into a rave talking about Skinsaw and said that if she gave herself to his lord the killings would stop, maddened as to why loved her more then him. The party, naturally ruffled, wished to see Kendra, once again it took a bit of persuasion, and while Miro read his thoughts it seemed the good doctor was hiding something. Kendra was….not a pretty sight, a shade of her former self. While Miro suspected all her wounds we’re the result of abuse it turned out all had been done solely by her. The party was heart broken, but as they get ready to leave there is still the issue of Bobole, who is stuck inside…

The Plot Thickens

Things happened. A kid got shot. Miro and Vrinn argued. Lorren is hot. Rawr.

I’ll update this properly when I feel more motivated…

There's A Mystery To Solve!
Getting the band back together...

Upon arriving back in Sandpoint, the party finds that they’ve missed a few things while away. Black strips of cloth are tied to doors and signs, indicating a town in mourning. Fearing the worst, Synovia and Miro speed towards the Rusty Dragon, while Bobole and Vrinn make their way towards the town center.

Finding a distraught Grosilge mourning over the death of four goblins, while another eight humans also lay dead, Vrinn forcibly orders Bobole to take her to the Rusty Dragon lest either of them make any social faux pars. Finding out from Zantus that a string of murders occurred in their absence, he also learns that Mayor Deverin had been committed to the sanitarium after suffering a mental break down. This allowed Myrtle Krape, the resident busy-body and leader of the Sandpoint Women’s League, to step in and assume control of the town. Her high-and-mighty, holier-than-thou attitude towards Vrinn caused him to snap, and in a fit of rage stabbed her in front of everyone, including Sheriff Hemlock, who promptly escorted him to the garrison to be imprisoned.

Meanwhile, Bobole had chased after Grosilge who had ran away after being spoken so harshly to by her husband, managed to calm her down. They formulated a plan between them to have the remaining eight goblin refugees to be allowed inside safely and bypass mayorial required permission.

Synovia, upon learning of Deverin’s committal and Krape’s play for power, went off into a rage, swearing that she would cut the older woman down herself. Miro attempted to disuade her from the effort, even trying with the aid of magic, but she was too unreasonable. It was only after harsh words from Ameiko and one destroyed kitchen later that Synovia calmed down enough to not go through with her attempt at Myrtle, still unaware than she barely lay alive after the near fatal stabbing.

Meanwhile in prison, Vrinn’s complete contempt for authority showed itself, his haughty attitude towards Hemlock not doing him any favours, while he even refused Miro’s counsel when the halfling later visited him. It was Synovia who managed to talk some sense into him though, her own desire to see the old crone sans head denied to her apparent as they spoke.

Meanwhile, Bobole and Grosilge had gathered the remaining goblins in the north guard house by the time Hemlock had answered the request for his presence. Perhaps it was the sheer ludicrousness of Bobole’s idea, perhaps the entire weight of everything that had happened bearing down on him, but either way, he saw merit in Bobole’s plans to deputize the eight goblins and a scouting branch. This way the goblins wouldn’t be forced to live outside of the walls, and would become (hopefully) law-abiding citizens in their own right.

Eventually, a bargain was struck with Hemlock to release Vrinn from jail on bail, Miro needing to borrow the necessary coin from Vrinn’s father with a promise to pay him back one day.

With the party back together again, they set about going over the clues to try and figure out who the culprit, or culprits, is behind the murders!

I'm not as good at this as Jay

1. Bobole had a bad dream.
1.1. Vrinn stayed at the Magnolia
2. Synovia met Imahnee and Naomee
3. Miro, Bobole and Synovia went to the Magnolia to retrieve Vrinn
4. The party went to the mage college to get Synovia’s jar back
5. The party found that the jar had been part of experiments that unleashed chaotic magic.
6. The original scholar was a crook and fled. Vrinn offered to be a bounty hunter for him.
7. The party went shopping for Gildie.


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