Rise of the Runelords

Assault on Fort Rannick

With the party rested, fully healed, and making quick work of the ogres that were sent out after Synovia made her valiant escape carrying the wounded Vrinn back to the group, it was finally time to set their plans in motion.

Sneaking to the edge of the forest, the last bit of cover before the straight run towards the secret waterfall cave, they reiterated the plan with some modifications to take into consideration that they were down one Black Arrow, Kaven, who had gone missing a few days prior. Doomwing was to cast her illusionary army, and using the ogre’s distraction to their advantage, sneak in through the back door through the caves and take them by surprise.

But Doomwing had something better in mind, with a mighty ear-splitting roar, the diminutive bird summoned forth a mighty dragon that harried the ogres in their keep, causing the brutes to scatter for cover, their javelins hurled in reply always seeming to miss their target every time. With no better distraction than that, the party cast their spells and burst forth out of the trees, a beeline made straight for the cover of the caverns. Synovia scaling the rocky, slippery surface first, Chuffy and Miro used their flight magics while she helped Vrinn and Gulo scale the wall themselves. Vrinn resumed the lead through the tunnels once more, leading them directly towards the secret door in the back of the cave, ignoring the path that lead to deadly mushrooms as much as possible.

Upon reaching the secret door, Vrinn called for silence as he used the magic of his gloves to see into the room, past the door. A lone woman in red sat in the room beyond, reading a book, her chair in the far corner facing the secret door. Wanting to seduce the woman, as he does, he bid the party to await his signal in case of trouble while he used the shadows to enter the room without using the door. The pair had quite a polite chat filled with lies and intrigue, often verbally dancing around the obvious fact of who the other person truly was. Her patience seemed to wane, or interest lost, but whatever the reason she managed to successfully charm the half-elf into following her upstairs, Vrinn reporting that he was on the move via Miro’s message spell cast earlier, letting them know that the room would be safe for them to enter undetected.

The rest of the party, unaware of Vrinn’s subtle mind control, explored the basement level while Chuffy, flying and invisible, trailed after the woman in red who led Vrinn up two more floors of blood filled corridors. Back downstairs, Gulo found the imprisoned Kaven in the basement holding cells, cowed and fearing for his life in the place his band once held securely.

Meanwhile, the woman in red lead Vrinn and unknowingly Chuffy to the mighty ogre Kreeg, offering him up as a delectable morsel. Still under her charmed effect, Vrinn interposed himself between the beautiful woman and the monster, claiming that he would protect her, even as she transformed into a giant snake woman behind him, revealing her true nature, that of a Lamia Matriarch, undoubtedly Xanesha’s sister Lucretia. Steeling himself for combat, the tiny invisible Chuffy letting out an impossibly long, impossibly high pitched squeal along with his mightily volatile bombs, Vrinn was once more subjected to the snake lady’s magic as he was bound in place, making him easy pickings.

Alerted by the sounds of Chuffy’s bombs and Miro able to detect that Vrinn was being magically held, the group raced to catch up as fast as they could, Synovia arriving just in time to see Vrinn fall under the combined attacks of the ogre and the snake. Thinking him lifeless and quite dead, this sent her into a furious rage and charge into the room without a thought for her own safety, cutting deep swathes into each opponents. More ogres flooded the corridors from the other rooms, Miro and Gulo keeping them at bay with precision placed magical spiked pits and bullets roaring down the corridors. All the while Ever trailed behind, pouting that she still seemed to be bound to the material plane, her tether not quite dead yet.

With blood and combat raging all around him, Miro got as close as he could to Vrinn’s fallen body, Synovia still standing over it protectively as she fought back against the serpent, resisting her magics in her fury. Finally with healing magic surging through his body, Vrinn gasped, drawing in breath as the magic forced the blood out of his lungs to be replaced by air, Miro surging with power as he continued casting, one spell flowing into another as Vrinn seemed to blink from existence, joining Ever between dimensions.

Seeing the fight turning against her, Lucretia took the opportunity to cast her own spell, a dimensional doorway taking her out of the fight to safety, and with Synovia and Vrinn now fighting the Kreeg, he was finally slain by the warrior woman, cutting him down and letting him fall into the spiked pit he was straddling.

But, they weren’t done yet. One ogre mage and her bodyguard still remained, and despite spells and ranged attacks hurtled in their direction, they were able to be pit against each other, the mage putting her companion to sleep before turning towards Chuffy, an unsavoury glint in her eye, claiming him as her new toy before he was able to escape her clutches. But with a spiked pit preventing her from escaping the room, the party was able to defeat her without too much more wounds taken, her sleeping companion finished off effortlessly with Synovia’s blade.

The Heroes of Sandpoint now find themselves picking the rooms and bodies clean of treasure while deciding to press the assault or take some time to regroup themselves.

Fungus Amongus
The best laid plans go wrong, as per the norm

After spending the morning planning the assault on Fort Rannick, ending with the plan to use an elaborate illusion to draw the ogres out of the fort then having the Black Arrows sneak past and close the gate, meanwhile the Party would go thru the tunnels and take care of the leaders. Vrinn and Synovia went to clear out the caves in preparation, Synovia aided by the magics of Miro, as Synovia and Vrinn dealt with the shocker lizards Gulo and Miro has a conversation on the nature of scars, gaining at least a modicum of understanding, if not a begrudging respect. Everything seemed to be going well for Synovia and Vrinn until they came upon horrific ghostly image, influenced by magic Synovia fled, nearly falling off a cliff and taking Vrinn with her. She recovered and the two deduced that Miro would be needed to deal with the ghost, they decided to investigate another part of the caves, finding a shocker lizard nest and some curious mushrooms. After easily dealing with the pests Vrinn investigated the mushrooms, getting a face full of spores for his troubles, things went from bad to worse as the spores ravaged the half-elf, dropping him to his knees and forcing Synovia to grab him and run not so stealthily back to camp, giving the ogres something to chase. Miro was quick to work his magic, but even with the healing powers of a cleric Vrinn would still be bed ridden for three days. While initially giving them the slip thanks to the arrows it would seem the ogres we’re itching for a hunt as a party came out scour the woods, forcing the party and a very ill Vrinn to get ready and think on their feet, Chuffy and Synovia setting up a false camp and Miro to cast another illusion, and now only time will tell what will happen to our party of wayward heroes!

The Plans of Birds and Men

With the Black Arrows of Fort Rannick freed from their cages in the barn and healed with Miro’s healing magics, Vrinn and Chuffy took it upon themselves to perform some reconnaissance on the house after it was revealed that there was still more ogre-kin to deal with, in particular a particularly nasty female known as “Mama”.

With Vrinn sneaking around the northern side of the house, Chuffy took the south side after turning himself invisible, with Ever floating around on the second story of the house. Despite being invisible however, Chuffy was still able to be heard after accidentally setting off a trap on the porch of the house, a large whirling blade coming up of the floorboards to cut him deeply and causing him to exclaim in pain. Assuring the others that he was fine, he went about trying to distract the ogres by throwing his trusty pot in through a window to cause an ogre-kin to come and investigate the sources of the noises.

With Chuffy’s verbal ouch and the sound of glass breaking, Synovia got into position to look over where she last saw Chuffy. Seeing his blood, an ogre-kin, but no Chuffy, she thought the worst and charged in to engage the monster and a man, all element of surprise going out the window for the party. Using this as a distraction, Chuffy snuck into the house only to find a spiked trap covering the threshold, once again the mechanism sinking into the goblin’s flesh.

Miro and Gulo, hearing that Synovia had engaged the enemy, rushed in to join in on the fray, all the while Vrinn cursed and sneered, not happy with Synovia’s impatience as he watched the collection of Ogre-kin inside the back room begin to take formation. Chuffy narrowly avoided falling into a pit trap inside the house, he made his way to where the enemies were gathering before he too launched his assault, throwing a bomb to catch them unawares.

Mama, however, was a spellcaster and tried to trap Chuffy, now visible again, in a spell of grease in the hopes to have the goblin intruder fall so that her minions could get him. Chuffy was too nimble to fall for her spell and quickly backed out, using Mama’s own spell against her and setting the grease ablaze, blocking off the corridor and trapping the ogre-kin in the room. Vrinn caught up with the impatience of the group, swung down into the room through the window, only to see that there were more of them that he had originally though, and Mama turned around and cursed the half-elf for his efforts, all intents and purposes leaving him stranded and along, weakened, inside the room full of ogre-kin. Miro, mistakenly thinking his companion alone and defenseless inside the room magically teleported himself inside and past the fire, preparing to lay waste to the large brutes with his magic. Synovia on the other hand strode through the fire unharmed, her Suli blood making the flamed negligible as she went about doing what she does best, lopping heads and slaughtering any who stood in her way. A weakened Vrinn made his escape the way he came, unable to be of much use in the current fight just as Miro used the magical mask pulled from the Lamia to turn Mama to stone.

A larger, more brutish ogre-kin, seeing Chuffy in the back all by himself, chased after the small goblin who turned himself invisible once more, hiding from the brute. Vrinn saw Chuffy’s predicament and charged the brute regardless of his curse and engaged him. Synovia following shortly after after killing the rest of the smaller ogre-kin in the room. Between the three of them they were able to make short work of the large ogre-kin.

The aftermath of the battle saw a furious Vrinn lose his temper at Synovia for being impatient and ruining the element of surprise. Despite everyone surviving the battle, Vrinn had been cursed and Chuffy wounded, things could have been much, much worse. This lead to a discussion about whether the party needed someone to lead them during combat, and after some debate, it was decided that Vrinn would act as the group’s tactician given his prior training and experience growing up under his mother’s tutelage,

With Mamma and the ogre-kin dead, the group returned to the barn to seek answers from the Black Arrows while Vrinn and Chuffy ensured that the second story was cleared and that nothing was left behind. However only half of the ground floor was searched, and as a group the party decided to clear it out, just in case. The found the basement with many pens and kennels, along with a storage room of some sort. The largest chamber however housed a large monstrous plant. While big and scary, the party dispatched this quickly using all manner of attacks using fire as they could. The equipment of the Black Arrows was found inside a chest beyond.

With nothing else left to do in the house, the Heroes of Sandpoint, along with Shalelu and their newfound Black Arrow allies left the farmstead after gutting the foul, desecrated buildings with fire.

With the Black Arrows leading the way towards the fort, the party found a place to set up their camp inside the forest while they planned how to retake their foothold at the base of the hook mountains. Doomwing and Chuffy too shifts in flying overhead and scouting out the fort. The black arrows informed the group of a secret entrance into the catacombs from behind a waterfall, Vrinn and Gulo volunteering to reconnoiter these caves. The pair chatted on their way through the forest, Vrinn enquiring why Gulo held animosity towards Miro. Gulo was spotted in their mad dash across the open plain however and had to turn back, Vrinn making it to the caves unseen and able to proceed alone. With several small lizards, about the size of a cat, inside, he continued quietly, the lizards nipping at his heels and trying to shock with some sort of electrical attack, but nothing that the half-elf couldn’t avoid. He eventually found the way into the catacombs and returned to camp, where the party began planning how to assault the fort.

During the debate, Vrinn and Shalelu became too heated with one another causing the elf to stalk off in anger, Gulo following. The group managed to settle on a plan, one that hopefully won’t fall apart at the first sign of trouble…

Bad Things Come In Big Packages

Picking back up with the group as they catch up Synovia and the unusual cat, the Heroes of Sandpoint make their way towards the ogre-kin farmstead, reportedly where they keep men from Fort Rannick for their own nefarious purposes.

Finding the trail leading to the area, the party traveled quickly and quietly, thankful that their approach was masked by the ever persistent rain. Sending Doomwing ahead to scout the buildings, Miro took his time to cast spells and prepare for the possibility of combat. The megalomaniac of a thrush returned not too long later, reporting one big dumb looking brute standing in the rain between the two buildings.

Later confirmed by both Vrinn, who had snuck through the surrounding forest, and Chuffy, who had flown aided by magic to one of the rooftops, the rest of the adventurers took up their positions before Vrinn charged in, followed swiftly by his shadow Ever, with Synovia backing them up to surround the surprised creature.

After severely wounding it, Vrinn called out to capture it alive, for which he received a vicious blow to the abdomen, breaking ribs and possibly causing internal bleeding. Synovia, seething as her friend was struck hard, responded in kind, though her blow strong enough to kill the towering creature.
Just as it looked as though the fight was over, three more charged forth from the barn; smaller than their kin who now lay dead in the mud, but still large enough to cause concern. With both Shalelu and Gulo taking up advantageous positions to flank the opponents with range, Vrinn was once more struck, his shoulder taking punishment even as Ever giggled with a sword passing harmlessly through her gaseous form. Vrinn and Synovia both cutting down an opponent each, a well place bomb from Chuffy saw the final ogre-kin’s head removed from it’s body entirely, the offending melon sailing through the air to splat against the barn door.

Now with time enough to take stock, Miro coming to Vrinn’s aid and magically healing the half-elf to mend the damage taken during the brief fight. Disgruntled with Synovia for killing the creature when he called for it to be taken alive, he began to stalk off towards the barn, the Suli woman in tow.

The inside of the barn itself was fairly regular, with not much out of the ordinary at all. Kennels to keep dogs, straw and hay littering the floor, and catwalks running along the walls of the barn. The far wall featured a boarded up door, while the two doors on the catwalk on either side were left unlocked. Synovia opened her door to see a mass of web below, and possible cages in the darkness beyond, while Ever simply floated through the wall to play in the webbing. Vrinn utilized his magical gloves to hold up to the wall to peer beyond, and spotted the largest spider he had ever seen.

After letting her know and subsequently seeing the gleam in her eyes, Vrinn called for Synovia to wait until everyone was in place and ready before she began her assault. However, just as he was calling the other party members in, she ignited the web, which did little other than to anger the giant spider who then smashed the door right where Vrinn was standing, scaring the wits out of him, which only caused him to curse and swear at Synovia and blaspheme against every god he knew to smite her where she stood. With no divine retribution imminent, Vrinn made a hasty retreat to the catwalk above just as the others managed to filter into the barn. Miro opened up with a volley of magical fire at the beast, enraging it even more, it’s piercing screech sending chills to the bones of everyone in the room.

With a clearer view in the spider’s room now, Synovia was able to make out prisoners inside of the cages in the rear. Ignoring the rampaging giant spider, confident that her allies could handle it, she raced towards the cage in an effort to help them escape. Vrinn, meanwhile, prayed to his Goddess’s ass that his plan would work, and he too raced into the spider’s lair on the catwalk above, but instead of racing towards the cage, he leaped down onto the spider’s back from above, his twin swords skittering across it’s chitinous hide before finding a crease to dig into. While he may not have hurt the abominable creature too much, he did distract it enough for Miro to finish it off with more well aimed rays of fire.

With the spider laying dead now, both Chuffy and Gulo attempted to harvest the venom from it’s fangs with little luck, while Synovia and Vrinn fared better in managing to unlock the cage and manacles the prisoners had been held in.

Revealed to be Black Arrows from Fort Rannick, the Heroes of Sandpoint were finally able to recoup and regather themselves and entrust Shalelu to watch over the wounded soldiers while they finished their gruesome work.

When It Rains, It Pours

After Chuffy‘s and Gulo’s arrival at Sandpoint, things settled down for a while. Chuffy successfully integrated himself in with the rest of the Sandpoint goblins, even being ingenious enough to invent an entirely new type of glass at the bequest of Grosilge in order to have the goblins home, the Sandpoint Galssworks, operational again. Miro sequestered himself in his laboratory for several weeks (surprisingly undisturbed by the noises of the makeshift brothel above) in an effort to craft several magical items for his friends. Synovia and Imahnee were becoming more and more infatuated with each other as the days passed, much to the delight of Ameiko, much to the disapproval of Hemlock. Vrinn spent his time trying to smooth things out between two of his lovers, Grosilge and Rhynshinn, while purchasing the old Jewelers in town after their entire family had been murdered and employing the half-Drow Wheel. The other immigrants from Magnimar‘s slums had graciously accepted Ukawada’s fortune and set up a farming operation in the hinterlands. Gulo asserted his authority over the goblin squad in Sandpoint and had taken the first steps into training them to be an effective military unit, helped greatly with the assistance of Lieutenant Grady.

However, the offer made by Mayor Grobaras of Magnimar to exchange the titles of the Seven’s Sawmill over to Vrinn’s name in exchange for the capture of Vrinn’s father was too tempting and all too quickly brought about the end of the peacefulness in Sandpoint. Going along with the schemes of Miro and Vrinn, Farnsworth allowed himself to be captured and handed over to the authorities in Magnimar. However, without a solid plan of retrieval, a long wagon chase was had throughout the city, the end result being that Vrinn needed to abandon his father for the sake of his own freedom. In the end, not only did they not receive ownership of the mill, but all of their other holdings in the city were also stripped from their possession.

A week or so after that occurrence, another band of travelling adventurers made their way into Sandpoint. Through general conversation, it was revealed that they had been hired by Mayor Grobaras to follow up on the findings made by the Heroes of Sandpoint, more specifically why a lot of dead bodies had turned up with the Sihedron rune, and what was happening at Fort Rannick and if there was a link between the two. Miro had come up with the idea to get a head start on them and complete their quest for them to get back into the good graces of Mayor Grobaras. Following Miro’s lead, the party left Sandpoint hurriedly to try and get as much of a head start on them as possible, only to find out after a few hours on the road that no one knew where they were going. Needing to turn back, most of the party then went about finding a map of the hinterlands and its townships, and locating Fort Rannick and Turtleback Ferry.

While the party went about their task, Vrinn went about it in his own way. After spending a few hours being strip searched and frisked many times by Lorren, Vrinn waited until the dead of night before finding their room at the White Deer and sneaking in. Reading through their documents and maps, he also read the apparent leader’s journal, a female human wizard named Amal. Learning some interesting pieces of information, Vrinn couldn’t help himself but to try and rob the adventurers. Managing to pilfer the majority of their coins, he was discovered by Amber, their rogue. He was able to get away, hopefully with his identity still a secret however.
During the night, Vrinn was visited by a god, presumed to be Norgorber, and gave him a Shadow who turned out to have once been a girl named Everlyn who has some history with Vrinn.

Now that the Heroes knew where they were heading, they made their way to Wartle, cutting across the countryside in an effort to save time. On the way, the party was beset by a raiding party of goblins from the Brokenteeth Tribe. Chuffy almost single-handed decimated them himself with his bombs, which caused a debate with Miro about the methods and morals involved. A murder of murdered crows were also encountered, but these also were quickly dispatched.

After arriving in Wartle, the group had an unexpected encounter. While attempting to secure their passage to Turtleback Ferry, they came across the elf ranger Shalelu, who also was looking for passage up river. After securing their passage, the Heroes went their separate ways to prepare for their journey. Synovia visited the dockside taverns and inns to learn about the state of the journey along the river, while Vrinn questioned the whores about the men from Fort Rannick. Chuffy however, managed to disguise himself as a small child and in a great display of absolute fucking adorability, managed to have the supplies purchased from the general store be discounted.
Before their departure, Miro and Vrinn concocted a scheme in an effort to waylay the adventurers from Magnimar even further. Miro used his beguiling wit to explain to the townspeople of Wartle that the people following them were in fact followers of Besmara, the evil pirate goddess of piracy, strife, and sea monsters, while Vrinn used his authority as a Magnimar Hero to issue Wanted posters of the aforementioned adventurers.
The travel to Turtleback Ferry was smooth sailing for the most part. The rain grew heavier and consistent, while the group learned that Shalelu was going to Fort Rannick to check up on her deceased mother’s ex-lover of whom she hadn’t heard from in quite some time.

Arriving in Turtleback Ferry, the Party was eager to finally get out of the rain and into something warm and dry. They made it to the first inn that they saw, the Turtle’s Parlor Inn, run by a surly man known as Cestin Orlandi. He seemed to be distrustful of the group and didn’t offer much hospitality further than the bare minimum.
After a hot meal and dry clothes, the group decided to explore the small town. Synovia went to the church, speaking with Maelin Shreed, the mayor, who offered her nothing but polite smiles and a very engaging conversation, almost too much hospitality as opposed to too little.
Vrinn and Gulo made their way around town, first visiting the Bottom’s Up Tavern, the proprietors being an enthusiastic halfling couple of Berthandy and Yads. Without even realising it Vrinn had become overly friendly with Berthandy, while earning the ire of Yads.
They also visited the general store, a place run by an aging woman named Winda Linee. Gulo earned himself a cat as disgruntled looking as he is, while Vrinn proceeded to charm the elderly lady. It was at this point that Gulo rejoined Miro back at the Inn. Vrinn also made an appearance at the local blacksmith run by Irontooth Jorveni, but quickly returned to Winda to play cards, chatting the whole while.
Between Synovia and vrinn’s factfinding efforts, they learned that the rain that they were receiving is an unnatural amount for this time of the year. That no one had seen or heard from the Black Arrows from Fort Rannick in quite some time, the gambling ship Paradise had sunk in the harbor, with some conflicting reports as to whether the cause was a fire or a sea monster called Pinkeye. They also found out that there are ogres and dragons in the Hook Mountains around where Fort Rannick is. Vrinn also heard from Brethandy and Yads about a witch living in the area.

Resting for the night, the deluge continued, and after a brief discussion on whether to salvage the gambling ship or press on towards the fort, it was decided to do the latter.
Following the trail towards Fort Rannick, Miro and Synovia found and rescued a trapped Firepelt cougar, while off in the distance baying hounds could be heard closing in. Revealed to be a hunter, the party took care of his dogs and subdued the man, who turned out to be a Ogre-kin named Rukus. With his child-like mind, it took some delicate questioning, but eventually Vrinn managed to get that his mother lived on a farm not too far from their current location, he had several siblings, and that they took in human slaves for food or sale. Circumstantial evidence provided a link between these slaves and Black Arrows of Fort Rannick.

Synovia leading the way herself, the party made haste towards this supposed farm…

Hilarity Ensues

Gulo and Chuffy ride up to town, looking road-weary and eager to eat some real food. The guards ask them who they are, and instead of giving any information about themselves, Gulo complains bitterly about the goblin on duty while Chuffy admires how swole Firestarter is. They head into town, Chuffy making a beeline for the Rusty Dragon with Gulo following at a steadier pace. As soon as he entered the establishment, Chuffy saw the love of his life and began loudly declaring his love for her. Gulo wanted nothing to do with goblin love affairs and went to sit down. Grosilge brought Vrinn over to meet Chuffy while Synovia and Miro went to investigate the hobgoblin now seated at one of their tables. Gulo was understandably grumpy after having dealt with the incessant chuffing of his companion for 3 days straight and said a swift prayer for some food, ale, and quiet. He received two of his requests. Meanwhile Chuffy was ingratiating himself with Grosilge, being knighted, and asking Vrinn to ‘boing boing’ him.

Grosilge brought Chuffy upstairs to her room to get ready for her performance, Vrinn lurked outside at the ready in case there were shenanigans afoot. Gulo continued to rebuff Miro’s attempts to learn more about him, but deigned to speak with Synovia as a fellow warrior.

Soon, Grosilge’s performance started, beginning with her signing, soon to be joined by Chuffy who was then followed by Vrinn. Chuffy and Vrinn competed for who could be the flashiest performer, showcasing feats of agility and acrobatics never before seen. It all came to a conclusion with a bang, everyone cheering wildly. Grosilge was pleased with the both of them, Chuffy was chuffed at the praise from his queen, and Vrinn couldn’t decide whether he wanted to kill the new goblin or himself.

They decided to fight for Grosilge’s affection using the well-known and well-loved goblin sport of Kann-Ich-Dich-Getroffen. After several heated rounds of swinging at each other, Vrinn was victorious, and kissed Grosilge long and hard to make sure Chuffy knew it. Then the half-elf took his wife upstairs to claim his prize. Meanwhile, Miro introduced himself to Chuffy, and some guards came and spoke with Gulo and Synovia. The night wound down and everyone went home to their beds after another bizarrely exciting night in Sandpoint.

Goodbye Magnimar Hello Sandpoint!
We won't miss you.

After confronting the lamia our intrepid party prepared to meet the mayor for dinner and to investigate a chilling note found in the matron’s lair. In preperation for the coming party the group decided to shop at the famous magnimar bazaar (or in Vrin’s case steal) one clothing montoge with Ukawada later and the night of party is upon the…party, minus an intoxicated Miro. The decadence of the manor is palpable, even more so on it’s owner Haldmeer Grobaras. The party is welcomed in to a enormous dinner hall made only for them, after a night of Vrinn making deals to sell out his father, Synovia investigating the manor and Miro’s face getting intimately familiar with the food our party begins the process of leaving the city once and for all! The party waited come morning for all the refugees that would follow them back to Sandpoint, the only ones who did we’re a Shoanti family, a gnome named Lucia, and a half-drow named Wheel, but with no sign of Lilly much to Miro’s sadness. Ukawada and Synovia loading a cart full of refuges and their possesions. At the end of it Ukawada stopped the party and presented the refugees with a 1000 gold each and his sheep to the shoanti, letting them know he would be staying in Magnimar and rebuilding the church in Underbridge. Vrinn, in attempt to get revenge for his interference by picking Ukawada’s pocket, forgetting for a moment he wore only a loincloth. Vrinn got much more of Ukawada then he had ever bargined for and and Ukawada, taking advantage of severely flummoxed Vrinn embraces him into a hug and wishes him the best, telling him to be a good father. On the way to Sandpoint Miro had a conversation with Grosilge involving naming a spirit and his own deformities, while Vrinn conspired with Wheel. When they returned to Sandpoint they found to their horror Myrtle was up, and then suprised to see a woman in red and white standing over her, only to discover it was none other then the good mayor! She explained her religious conversion at the hands of the Dawnflower tribe and her healing of Myrtle. Miro suspected otherworldly interfernce and went to Ameiko to see if it was, it was not much to his relief. Vrin meanwhile took Dizzy to his father, who was less then thrilled to find out the truth of the night the pixies kitten burned. Vrinn chose this as the most opportune time to present him with an idea to make money, to which his father said to get the hell out. Synovia choose to spend time with Amane (much overdo for both of them.) while Miro plotted for the expansion of Sandpoint! Much to Synovia’s displeasure.

On a minor note a series of fires and explosions we’re noted on the road going towards Sandpoint, goblinoids are suspected, but names are not known.

Case Closed

The party comes crashing to a halt as Vrinn, still disguised as his father, interrupts the proceedings. The two brother’s stare each other down before Dizzy resumes his performance with Grosilge. Vrinn snaps and casts away the disguise before leaping upon Dizzy, slashing wildly with his concealed daggers and throwing the ballroom into chaos.

Dizzy isn’t unprepared however, fighting back, his own daggers poisoned. Just as the rest of the party are about to intervene, Lyrie, and old foe appears amongst the crowd of panicked nobes and begins attempting to aid Dizzy. Deciding to leave the brothers to themselves, Miro and Synovia intercept the all but forgotten mage, forcing her to focus on them instead.

By this time however, Dizzy’s dirty tricks have taken their toll on Vrinn, poison sapping his strength, lethargy creeping into his bones. With a burst of adrenaline and a helping hand from Miro, Vrinn dashes around to behind Dizzy, ready to deliver the final mortal blow on Dizzy before Ukawada, who had been trying to calm the situation, conjures forth a hallucinogenic fog. Rendering not only the brothers unable to act, but also Grosilge and the guards as well.
Taking advantage of the momentary lapse, Lyrie sees her opportunity to escape and takes it, reminiscent of her previous encounter with the Heroes.

Dizzy, the first to act after Ukawada dispels his fog, snatches up Grosilge and stabs her in the stomach. The damage to her self is negligible, but to the life inside of her, who could tell? Miro seeing the fury building in Vrinn grants his ally a boon to make his movements lightning quick just as the half-elf launches into a frenzy, his daggers impaling into his brother over and over again, a fountain of blood spewing from the multitude of wounds.

Ukawada is able to heal Grosilge as Vrinn stands over his fallen brother, ready to deliver the killing blow, but stays his hand. Instead, he orders Miro to heal the traitor before he and Synovia escort him to the Dome of the Savored Sting, the Calistrian temple, for safe keeping until he can be delivered back to Sandpoint to face vengeance.

Synovia returns to the Oasis to rejoin with Miro and Ukawada, but finds that Grosilge has gone missing, again. Ukawada and Synovia find her sitting by the docks deep in thought. Synovia’s words are harsh, while Ukawada’s are filled with empathy. Gildie offers Ukawada the position to be her knight, but Ukawada declines the offer.

Vrinn having stayed behind at the temple, receives healing for his wounds and poison during the night, and the following morning question’s Dizzy. He had apparently been watching Vrinn ever since his arrival in Magnimar, and eludes to greater forces still operating in the shadows, but isn’t forthright in any further information.

Once the party reunites at the Oasis, there is a brief discussion on whether they should return home or see this through. Grosilge enlightens the group on what she had learnt while around Dizzy, which reveals the presence of a “Snake Lady” of sorts. Deciding to at least speak with the guards, it is decided to investigate one last lead, the crumbling clock tower that Miro and Ukawada found earlier, where they were almost defeated by some form of golem. The party is also awarded the title of Heroes of Magnimar and formally invited to a dinner with the mayor.

A few cultists had taken up residence in the tower, and after the group makes quick work of them, Vrinn climbs the old rickety structure, scouting for anything else of interest that may be ahead. Reaching the top floor, he sees what can only be the “Snake Lady”, a magnificent albeit deadly looking Lamia Matriarch. Unaware of his presence, Vrinn sneaks back out, informing the group of what was found.

Formulating a battle plan to collapse the floor underneath the Lamia, they decide to talk with her first at least, but when they all arrive, she had turned herself invisible and speaks with a disembodied voice that emanates from a central statue.

Negotiations break down and a fight ensues. Miro and Doomwing open with a volley of spells, and the Lamia manages to charm Synovia. Vrinn and Grosilge, having left a few seconds before, rejoin the fight just as Synovia, pretending to still be under the Lamia’s spell, is attacking Ukawada. That lasts until the Lamia is within striking distance, Synovia then revealing that she isn’t actually charmed and begins putting her full fury into the snake lady.

Despite the overwhelming number, the heroes are hard pressed until Vrinn, turning to kiss his goblin bride in the midst of combat, launches himself into the air to strike at the creatures eyes, partially blinding her to allow the rest of the heroes to attack with impunity. Ukawada’s swarm of creatures wearing her down, Synovia launching blow after blow of powerful strikes, Miro and Doomwing burning spells to burn her, Vrinn attacking with lightning speed, all the while Grosilge inspires the group to even greater height.

The Matriarch recognizes that she is outmatched and attempts to flee. She can’t get far as the combined strikes of Synovia, Ukawada, and Vrinn altogether bring her down, dead at last.

It would appear as though she was only the tip of the iceberg however, as hidden along with her belongings was a note that points to even greater forces at work…

Cells and Clocktowers

When last we checked in with our friends they had finally made a good step towards the defeat of their enemies in Magnamar. Having done so the party then scattered to the winds each with goals in mind. The siblings made their way to the Oasis, the Criminal to the rooftops, and the animals to keep watch over the scene.

As the next morning comes to bare we find Vrinn contemplating life while awaiting morning to continue his righteous crusade. After a time of being lost in thought Vrinn makes his way towards Keystone only stopping by the Oasis to gather any help he can find. Upon arrival the only help to be found is the Mighty Synovia who follows in order to be a distraction if nothing less.

While en Route Miro and Ukawada find that Doomwing has found more to do with the cultist whereabouts. The mini-mighty mage dissuades them from following the lead in the hopes of moving the party more towards lawful dealings with the cities justice system. The unlikely duo only barely begin to look at the late justices dwelling when Synovia’s ruse runs afowl. In an act of quick or rash (I’ll let you decide) thinking Synovia assaults the guard and makes away from the guard to begins pursuit, an act that buys Vrinn the time he needs to do alittle light theiving and be gone before found. However on the reverse side Vrinns patsy was left to the wolves, after a short chase that ends as you would expect with Synovia making plee that she was made to do it.

While things devolve into Chaos with our Master of Shadows and Master of Blades, the others remain on the better side of the Law, awaiting the Laws request for questioning back at the Oasis. Miro and Ukawada have a conversation addressing Ukawada’s concerns about all wizards just before Dortlan and Shay arrive at the Oasis to summon Miro for questions. In style Miro travels with the two to the Hall of Ushers. Upon arrival Miro gives a somewhat dubious report about their activities the night before. All ends well without adding another party member to the cities dungeon as well as launching the city in the appropriate direction of the cult.

While gone Doomwing and Ukawada make their way to underbridge to follow up on what the inspired little Bird had found. Here they find a decrepit Clocktower that doomwing had tracked down.

Vrinn seeks out the temple of his faith, looking for sanctuary from the law based on his being framed. There he finds many wonders of his faith and much “entertainment” to occupy himself while the party moves about the city.

Miro upon return meets up with Ukawada and they decide to attempt to investigate the Clock tower but only after gathering assistance from Dortlan. They make their way to underbridge and only seconds after entering the clock tower the party is attacked by a giant golem. Within the first attack Dortlan is brought low by the golem, inciting shay’s instant retreat leaving Miro and Ukawada to battle off the strange automation. Bravely the Druid makes his way foward soaking up Blow after blow from their attacker while Miro remained behind launching volley after volley of spells. With almost a certian death in site the unlikely duo bring low the golem. Ukawada and Miro gather the body of Dortlan and make their way back to the Hall of Ushers where Ukawada grants the good Dortlan a second chance at life. With Dortlan revived Miro lays the entire story, the true story before Dortlan and demands in recompense that steps be taken to free both of his friends from the guards scrutiny.

With all things done the party meets at the Oasis again this time without the concerns of the guards for the first time ever. Vrinn invites their party to an event taking place tonight and there the party goes seeking to finally drive the last nail into their enemies coffin.

…….Til next time
The Narrorator

Attack on Lumber Mill

Finally prepared the party makes their way to the hideout ready to battle. After a quick message spell the party splits with Vrinn and Ukawada taking the lower entrance, leaving the upper to Miro and Synovia. With one final check the party made their entrance. Battle instantly began in the lower section with Vrinn and Ukawada making quick work of the cultists stationed in the underbelly of the mill.

With quick, decisive strikes from Vrinn and spell enhanced attacks from Ukawada the combat lasted less than a minutes breadth. Searching around for further clues lead to nothing and noticing the sounds from above them they made haste to catch up to Miro and Synovia who had encountered a whole lot of nothing.

After grouping up again the party made their way up the sawmill finding many interesting things. A barrel filled with treasure, an office filled with many items painting a picture that this was indeed a hideout for the cultists of the god of assassins. A few other items of note were found while the party waited for their mage to extract himself from his barreled prison. Most notably the rookery at the top floor of the lumber mill. While Miro formulated a plan to follow the ravens to their ordained destinations the party was set upon again by cultists. This fight was much more intense in the tight quarters that allowed the cultists to surround the party individually. However Vrinn would deny death again this time snarling directly in its face as he faced the cultists for the half minute it took the rest of the party to join him. Valiantly he fought laying low one cultist after the other until his backup arrived.

After dispatching of these cultists the party began to check for further clues but it was Vrinn who realized the cultists wouldn’t be alone. Taking to the roof and then the streets he pursued the lookout left behind. In a battle without rival he took to the man who fought him relentlessly to the death. However be it Vrinn’s god, luck itself, or a surge of pure brilliance he brought the man low despite being out equipped and almost seemingly out skilled.

After killing the man Vrinn sought to return him to the lumber mill where it was discovered that the man was none other than a Justice of Magnamar. Miro had already sent his adopted sister after the town guard in an effort to become less like vigilantes and more like the heroes they were perceived to be. Upon learning of the Justice, Miro insisted that they dress the man as a cultist before the guard arrived. After doing their best Miro sent Vrinn to the shadows again lest he be caught for his wrongfully accused crimes.

Shortly after the districts militia captain, a lively and optimistic halfling named Sami, was met and took over the scene insisting that the party return to the Oasis. Doomwing and Ukawada remained to keep watch over the sawmill and Miro and Synovia returned to the Oasis to await further development all the while praying Vrinn remained safe as he danced the shadows of that night the party’s greatest hero….

Until the Ruinlords meet again


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