Rise of the Runelords

There's A Mystery To Solve!

Getting the band back together...

Upon arriving back in Sandpoint, the party finds that they’ve missed a few things while away. Black strips of cloth are tied to doors and signs, indicating a town in mourning. Fearing the worst, Synovia and Miro speed towards the Rusty Dragon, while Bobole and Vrinn make their way towards the town center.

Finding a distraught Grosilge mourning over the death of four goblins, while another eight humans also lay dead, Vrinn forcibly orders Bobole to take her to the Rusty Dragon lest either of them make any social faux pars. Finding out from Zantus that a string of murders occurred in their absence, he also learns that Mayor Deverin had been committed to the sanitarium after suffering a mental break down. This allowed Myrtle Krape, the resident busy-body and leader of the Sandpoint Women’s League, to step in and assume control of the town. Her high-and-mighty, holier-than-thou attitude towards Vrinn caused him to snap, and in a fit of rage stabbed her in front of everyone, including Sheriff Hemlock, who promptly escorted him to the garrison to be imprisoned.

Meanwhile, Bobole had chased after Grosilge who had ran away after being spoken so harshly to by her husband, managed to calm her down. They formulated a plan between them to have the remaining eight goblin refugees to be allowed inside safely and bypass mayorial required permission.

Synovia, upon learning of Deverin’s committal and Krape’s play for power, went off into a rage, swearing that she would cut the older woman down herself. Miro attempted to disuade her from the effort, even trying with the aid of magic, but she was too unreasonable. It was only after harsh words from Ameiko and one destroyed kitchen later that Synovia calmed down enough to not go through with her attempt at Myrtle, still unaware than she barely lay alive after the near fatal stabbing.

Meanwhile in prison, Vrinn’s complete contempt for authority showed itself, his haughty attitude towards Hemlock not doing him any favours, while he even refused Miro’s counsel when the halfling later visited him. It was Synovia who managed to talk some sense into him though, her own desire to see the old crone sans head denied to her apparent as they spoke.

Meanwhile, Bobole and Grosilge had gathered the remaining goblins in the north guard house by the time Hemlock had answered the request for his presence. Perhaps it was the sheer ludicrousness of Bobole’s idea, perhaps the entire weight of everything that had happened bearing down on him, but either way, he saw merit in Bobole’s plans to deputize the eight goblins and a scouting branch. This way the goblins wouldn’t be forced to live outside of the walls, and would become (hopefully) law-abiding citizens in their own right.

Eventually, a bargain was struck with Hemlock to release Vrinn from jail on bail, Miro needing to borrow the necessary coin from Vrinn’s father with a promise to pay him back one day.

With the party back together again, they set about going over the clues to try and figure out who the culprit, or culprits, is behind the murders!


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