Rise of the Runelords

There and Back

An emotional climax

Well rested and prepared to press forward, the group traveled deeper into the complex. A maze of passageways, they found a large chapel with a pair of abominations inside. Quickly dispatching the yeth hounds, Synovia and Miro set about examining the large statue and altar at one end while Bobole explored the rest of the room leaving Vrinn to guard the door. Hearing noises outside of someone looking for Orik, the group went out to investigate further. Deeper into the tunnels they came across a harem of female goblins, Bobole’s quick thinking had him act as Vrinn’s captor once again, only to be reinforced by Miro. The ruse seemed to be working until a bugbear burst from a side door and attacked the group, which they quickly cut down, along with one of the female goblins. Miro Gave these ones the chance to flee as well, which they promptly took as the group descended a flight of stairs, deeper under Thistletop.

​Underneath was another large room with desecrated statues believed to be of the original Runelords. Bobole in his impatience set off a trap in the following corridor, in which Vrinn had subsequently and effortlessly reset. Hearing voices and noises from a room beyond, the group followed Miro’s plan in setting an ambush for the occupants, who was later revealed to be Nualia herself. At the sound of the yeth hounds’ howling, Bobole ran from the level in terror followed shortly by Nualia reversing the group’s ambush on themselves. Vrinn having more difficulty in disarming the trap with whirling blades slicing close to his head managed to free himself and Synovia, only to have her flee as well quickly after hearing the other hound’s howl. Vrinn with vengeance in his eyes decided to charge forth into the room regardless, Miro not far behind. With deft strikes he easily decapitated one of the hounds before turning his attention to Nualia in turn, who proved to be tougher than originally anticipated. A drawn out battle ensued with Vrinn severely hindering her abilities, despite being severely bloodied himself. Boble’s return was almost too late to see Vrinn cut down, the battle of attrition ending in Nualia’s favour before she turned her attention to the mounted Goblin. He too was beaten back by Nualia though Synovia’s return saw the tide turn in the group’s favour.

​Nualia’s death wasn’t the only one, as Vrinn lay lifeless on the stone cold floor next to her. It was only with Miro’s behest to any gods who may have been listening that saw the half elf return to life. What price has yet to be paid for Vrinn’s life is yet unknown however.

​Deciding that they had done what they had come to do, the group made their way wearily to the surface, keeping their bargain with Orik and setting him free upon their exit.
​What greeted them upon their return to Sandpoint though was somethnig unexpected. A contingent of goblins, displaced by the Thistletop chieftain’s death, had tried to barge into the town as recompense. It was thanks to Grosilge, the little goblin bard who considered herself a person, and Bobole handing the former-chieftain’s head to the goblin leader, that negotiations didn’t break down too far. The group relieved to see their homes again have a long few days ahead of them getting everything in order…


makotoichijoji Argonaut

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