Rise of the Runelords

The Plans of Birds and Men

With the Black Arrows of Fort Rannick freed from their cages in the barn and healed with Miro’s healing magics, Vrinn and Chuffy took it upon themselves to perform some reconnaissance on the house after it was revealed that there was still more ogre-kin to deal with, in particular a particularly nasty female known as “Mama”.

With Vrinn sneaking around the northern side of the house, Chuffy took the south side after turning himself invisible, with Ever floating around on the second story of the house. Despite being invisible however, Chuffy was still able to be heard after accidentally setting off a trap on the porch of the house, a large whirling blade coming up of the floorboards to cut him deeply and causing him to exclaim in pain. Assuring the others that he was fine, he went about trying to distract the ogres by throwing his trusty pot in through a window to cause an ogre-kin to come and investigate the sources of the noises.

With Chuffy’s verbal ouch and the sound of glass breaking, Synovia got into position to look over where she last saw Chuffy. Seeing his blood, an ogre-kin, but no Chuffy, she thought the worst and charged in to engage the monster and a man, all element of surprise going out the window for the party. Using this as a distraction, Chuffy snuck into the house only to find a spiked trap covering the threshold, once again the mechanism sinking into the goblin’s flesh.

Miro and Gulo, hearing that Synovia had engaged the enemy, rushed in to join in on the fray, all the while Vrinn cursed and sneered, not happy with Synovia’s impatience as he watched the collection of Ogre-kin inside the back room begin to take formation. Chuffy narrowly avoided falling into a pit trap inside the house, he made his way to where the enemies were gathering before he too launched his assault, throwing a bomb to catch them unawares.

Mama, however, was a spellcaster and tried to trap Chuffy, now visible again, in a spell of grease in the hopes to have the goblin intruder fall so that her minions could get him. Chuffy was too nimble to fall for her spell and quickly backed out, using Mama’s own spell against her and setting the grease ablaze, blocking off the corridor and trapping the ogre-kin in the room. Vrinn caught up with the impatience of the group, swung down into the room through the window, only to see that there were more of them that he had originally though, and Mama turned around and cursed the half-elf for his efforts, all intents and purposes leaving him stranded and along, weakened, inside the room full of ogre-kin. Miro, mistakenly thinking his companion alone and defenseless inside the room magically teleported himself inside and past the fire, preparing to lay waste to the large brutes with his magic. Synovia on the other hand strode through the fire unharmed, her Suli blood making the flamed negligible as she went about doing what she does best, lopping heads and slaughtering any who stood in her way. A weakened Vrinn made his escape the way he came, unable to be of much use in the current fight just as Miro used the magical mask pulled from the Lamia to turn Mama to stone.

A larger, more brutish ogre-kin, seeing Chuffy in the back all by himself, chased after the small goblin who turned himself invisible once more, hiding from the brute. Vrinn saw Chuffy’s predicament and charged the brute regardless of his curse and engaged him. Synovia following shortly after after killing the rest of the smaller ogre-kin in the room. Between the three of them they were able to make short work of the large ogre-kin.

The aftermath of the battle saw a furious Vrinn lose his temper at Synovia for being impatient and ruining the element of surprise. Despite everyone surviving the battle, Vrinn had been cursed and Chuffy wounded, things could have been much, much worse. This lead to a discussion about whether the party needed someone to lead them during combat, and after some debate, it was decided that Vrinn would act as the group’s tactician given his prior training and experience growing up under his mother’s tutelage,

With Mamma and the ogre-kin dead, the group returned to the barn to seek answers from the Black Arrows while Vrinn and Chuffy ensured that the second story was cleared and that nothing was left behind. However only half of the ground floor was searched, and as a group the party decided to clear it out, just in case. The found the basement with many pens and kennels, along with a storage room of some sort. The largest chamber however housed a large monstrous plant. While big and scary, the party dispatched this quickly using all manner of attacks using fire as they could. The equipment of the Black Arrows was found inside a chest beyond.

With nothing else left to do in the house, the Heroes of Sandpoint, along with Shalelu and their newfound Black Arrow allies left the farmstead after gutting the foul, desecrated buildings with fire.

With the Black Arrows leading the way towards the fort, the party found a place to set up their camp inside the forest while they planned how to retake their foothold at the base of the hook mountains. Doomwing and Chuffy too shifts in flying overhead and scouting out the fort. The black arrows informed the group of a secret entrance into the catacombs from behind a waterfall, Vrinn and Gulo volunteering to reconnoiter these caves. The pair chatted on their way through the forest, Vrinn enquiring why Gulo held animosity towards Miro. Gulo was spotted in their mad dash across the open plain however and had to turn back, Vrinn making it to the caves unseen and able to proceed alone. With several small lizards, about the size of a cat, inside, he continued quietly, the lizards nipping at his heels and trying to shock with some sort of electrical attack, but nothing that the half-elf couldn’t avoid. He eventually found the way into the catacombs and returned to camp, where the party began planning how to assault the fort.

During the debate, Vrinn and Shalelu became too heated with one another causing the elf to stalk off in anger, Gulo following. The group managed to settle on a plan, one that hopefully won’t fall apart at the first sign of trouble…


Postgame Comments

Session was fun. Liked the moments of minor tension like ogre nearly seeing Chuffy. Enjoyed the planning and stuff, but feels like we spent a long time on it, but came up with a good plan in the end. Feels like there were times during the game when we were misunderstanding and arguing over it too much. Try and resolve issues without yelling. Was good overall and looking forward to seeing the plan enacted.
Award: Notable moment to Jay/Vrinn for getting frustrated at the blue balls/cave system and getting a taste of his own medicine

Did a lot of planning and loved it all. Dragged on a little with the planning, but was good. Shares much the same sentiments as Sean.
Award: Unsure

Planning was the whole session, downside was Synovia did jack shit, she sat and did nothing. Kinda bummed about that. Only did two things, get naked and talked to hunters. Downside was the whole session being planning and a character who doesn’t do that, sits and does nothing
Award: Heroism moment, Gulo when he got spotted and lead the ogres away from the secret tunnel

We dive into challenges pretty hard, kinda of a good thing, liked that the session was all planning and now we can learn how to plan on a lesser scale, and didn’t hate the planning. A problem was brought up to us, and we are attempting to fix it. Better to have over-planned than the other way around. Had a cool little chat roleplay on one side at the same time as voice RP was going
Award: Roleplay to Gulo for the conversation with Vrinn on the way to the cave
PS: When it comes to planning, start angling those with some information towards the end of the session. And maybe do the planning during the week instead of during the session

Obviously got frustrated during the cave system with needing to make pointless rolls even if viewing things that are right next to me and giving almost no details for things that are in plain sight. Otherwise enjoyed the session as a whole. The planning during the session was lengthy but fun despite getting heated at times. Could see how Shannon who isn’t tactically minded would have been easily bored with it, but she did have some good ideas that were used. Enjoyed the roleplay chat with Gulo and touched on the fact that Dylan doesn’t pay much attention to what others other saying or doing while he’s roleplaying on the forums or in-game
Award: Notable moment to Synovia for stripping off and having a moment from her that we hadn’t seen in the game before. It was different and interesting

The Plans of Birds and Men
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