Rise of the Runelords

The Idle Chatter of Heroes New and Old

Synovia and Chuffy Abandon the Errant Life of the Hero

1st of Calistria

A few days old now, Vrinn-doting father- spends much of his time with Grosilge and his pups. Chuffy supports the new family by running errands for his queen, administering her medication, and taking pains to make sure she is comfortable. The Queen herself, no longer filled with growing half goblin, 1/4 human, 1/4 elf babies has returned her attention to her play.

The quarantine continues but somehow the elven scout and new grandmother Vinadaea finds were way inside the goblin ghetto to visit her little “winter beans”, a name she’s given the four pups for their pale green and pink color.

An argument ensues when she finds Vrinn, using the small babes to keep a map of Varisia flat and he finds her insisting on naming his children after elvish tradition. After much bickering, Vrinn insists on naming the children Person, Pickles, Winter and Bean – much to his mother’s dismay. Grosilge seeing the logic in these names, fails to support Vinadea’s claim that on top of being racial anomalies, their names will only lead to their further mocking by others. The Vandiirs are none to worried.

Chuffy running and errand for his queen finds out that Ameiko is gone and that Synovia has something big planned. Synovia decided earlier in the day with Imahnee to end her life of adventure and to stay in Sandpoint with her beau and finally settle down and be wed.

As the goblin returned he was set upon my first Rynshinn who wished to deliver the promised basket of baby goods and Lucy who gave him so more medicines and a promise to support him to end the quarantine.

Later in the day, Synovia was finally able to get Chuffy and Vrinn to hear her decision regarding her staying in Sandpoint and not joining them for the assault on Jorgenfist. Although she insisted that they’ll need to find a replacement, neither Chuffy nor Vrinn seemed terribly worried about being put out by her absence. Before Vrinn could leave behind Chuffy, a halfling youth entered and approached.

Mara Flameheart, halfing, orphan, and apparently a girl of some great power found that after the fires caused by the dragon stole her family and stability she needed to step forward to help the Heroes of Sandpoint in stopping this New Unpleasantness. Vrinn and Synovia were taken a little bit aback by her age though the deemed it worth a shot to at least see what she could do.

The Pixie’s Mansion was a perfect place to stage a try out as the gardens behind the manor were segmented to showcase the 4 basic elements. Mara guided them to the Fire Garden and with a flourish and a burst of power unlike the arcane, a blue flame shot forth a symbol the created in the air into the large metal bowl in the center of the patio.

Impressed, Vrinn realized that Mara would make an excellent convert to the faith of Calistria and offered Mara and her sister a place to stay at the Pixie’s Mansion until Mara was able to return home from the adventure.

Later, the Hell Knights occupying both Sandpoint and the Sandpoint Garrison found that Malcom Hyram Andalysius has somehow managed to escape his cell and replace its contents with an elderly man who could not explain how he had gotten there.

During the tizzy, a Shoanti woman entered the city and attempted to get guidance to the garrison. Vrinn attempting to guide the newcomer away from the stoic and surly Hell Knights, ran afoul of her personal space.

It was eventually revealed that the woman was a relative of one of the dead Fort Rannick rangers and wished to find out more of what she could do to stop the chaos.


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