Rise of the Runelords

Small Fish in a Big Pond

In over their heads?

After getting back on the road to Magnimar after watching Foxglove Manor burn to the ground, the trip was unusually quiet. A couple of days of riding saw the group a mile outside of the large city trying to devise a plan to sneak the goblin Bobole in undetected.

This didn’t work out too well. The unexpected throng of people passing through the gates of Magnimar held them up, causing the spell on Bobole to dissipate among the crowd, naturally causing a scene. Vrinn, who had hidden his association with the party, was allowed to enter the city without suspicion, while Synovia and Miro were escorted in to the watch house.

As the trio were interviewed and detained by the guards, Vrinn was left to his own devices. He found a bounty board not too far from the watch house, and was able to stake out the building while also studying the board and the faces posted.
The others managed to talk their way to some sort of compromise using their moderate reputation as small town folk heroes to bargain their way out of the situation. Still under scrutiny however, the group was asked not to leave town until the situation could be cleared up.

Being told to stay at the up-market hotel called the Magnolia, Vrinn non-discretely conversed with them, garnering what information he could before heading his own way again to find out where the Foxglove’s had their townhouse in the city.

Meanwhile, upon arriving at the Magnolia, Bobole once again caused all kinds of commotion with the refined sensibilities of the clientele. Miro’s defense of his friend’s antics only made the situation more exasperated, and the guards were once again called to deal with the situation. After which, they were escorted to a more humble hotel, the Oasis, in a less polished district, well known for its many Orison influences.

Vrinn during this, had found himself in bureaucratic limbo. In an effort to petition the city council for information on the whereabouts of the Foxglove residence, he was sent on a wild goose chase from one teller to the next. Extortion and daylight robbery was common in the halls, perpetuated by the blatant over taxing for simple information.
Eventually he attracted the notice of a guard after the process wore down his patience a little. But, he kept his cool and followed through with the rest of the process, despite his inner desire to stab everyone in sight.
After being told to sit and wait, he did just that. Calmly and patiently he waited, for hours, until he was just another part of the furniture. Dusk came and went, everyone but the guards patrolling the halls had left, and he was left to his own devises. Sneaking around the mostly empty halls, he came across what seemed to be the door to the treasury. The magically trapped doorway however proved too difficult for him at the time, and he set off the waiting ward, nearly killing him in the process. Knowing when he was beaten, he escaped while he could, still undetected, and squirreled away into the night. After finding out that his horse had been impounded from the front of the hall, he booked a room at the Magnolia hotel, where he slept off the effects of the spell’s damage.

Ignorant of their rogue companions antics, the others were escorted straight to the Oasis hotel, a friendly Orisian manager welcoming them with much more hospitality than that of the Magnolia. After the guards explained why they were there, and extracting a promise from Synovia that they wouldn’t cause any more trouble, the guards left them then to get back to their postings. Miro, however, had begun acting strangely, prostrating himself at Synovia’s feet, kneeling by her side, and had found a new liking for calling her master. This didn’t go unnoticed however, as one of the other patrons of the hotel cast a disgusted look in their direction before retiring to his own room.
The proprietor, a truly wise man, managed to seem to know exactly what to do with Bobole, and instead of giving him alcohol as per his request, instead gave the goblin a concoction of some sort of herbal tea. The settled Bobole down quite a lot, to the point where he found himself sitting in the corner, watching the world go by quietly. So much so that Synovia and Miro could have a private conversation to themselves without needing to have to worry about where and what and how much trouble the little scamp was getting himself into.

The following morning, skipping breakfast as Synovia had lost her appetite after once more being given a dirty look by the other visitor at the hotel, even being called a crass name at her apparent ownership of Miro, the trio went back out into the city to try and recover Syovia’s heirloom from the mage’s college. Vrinn, meanwhile, went to try and track down his friends.


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