Rise of the Runelords

Rewind in time and Forward Thinking

Of Hell Knights and Rivals

The Rival Adventuring Party of Amal, Rhianthus, Tovah, Brill, and Amber headed to the Lord-Mayor’s to give a report of their success. Vrinn with an ever-reading Pilar followed. Once there, the half-elf took the opportunity to sing his own praises and request the mayor reward him for his efforts by giving him a shop, the Seven’s Sawmill and, to top it all off, the Foxglove Manor.

After a few threats and a little magical manipulation, Vrinn was successful in intimidating the Mayor into the the gift of a shop and the Foxglove manor, but having promised the Seven’s Sawmill to the Scarnetti he was hard pressed to instead give Vrinn the promise of a favor. As a man used to being in power, this left him with a bad taste in his mouth for the half-elf.

Meanwhile back in Sandpoint, Gulo was intrigued by the Hell Knights and attempted to speak with their leader Paralictor Darean Halst. The human knight was none-to-impressed by the hobgoblin and instructed the goblinoid to retreat to the quarantine zone to await further instruction.

Gulo did so, seeing the zone as a kind of ‘ghetto’ for goblinoids. The zone surrounded the glassworks and allowed the goblins, previously sequestered to the Glassworks alone to a larger area where they were free to run rampant in the streets. The gunslinger sought out Roxreez, his jager apprentice and Goblin Sheriff, as he felt concerned that the Hell Knights would eventually turn on the goblinoids of Sandpoint and kill them all.

Synovia took her job to settle Lilly and her family seriously and planned for a day of finding the family a home. When she asked Ameiko if she wouldn’t mind babysitting Lilly, Ameiko dropped the heavy axe by telling her that she intended to give the Rusty Dragon to Synovia so that she could leave for a life of adventure. Unable to believe this news, Synovia resisted the key to the shop and begged Ameiko to reconsider while she was away.

After finding the Shade family a home, she looked for Naomee to get a bit of advice and sympathy but the older woman was not forthcoming with a direct answer, much to her dismay. Afterwards, she met with Sheriff Hemlock to get more advice and discovered the goblin quarantine zone and was none to pleased. She attempted to gain entry and was denied and now has a mission to end the blockade of the goblins.

Chuffy, newly arrived in Sandpoint then newly quarantined meets with his queen, Grosilge, and hears her distress at the blockade. Not liking it either, he suggests the meet with Gulo and Roxreez where they devise the plan that the goblins as a population need to appear orderly and compliant. Roxreez eagerly seizes on the idea that she would be able to exert more power over the goblins in this capacity, though Chuffy warns her against being overly abusive.

Vrinn, newly arrived in Sandpoint, meets with his lover Rynshinn and delivers the good news about having acquired a shop for her in Magnimar. Excited to see him back and with such good news, the half-elf seamstress cooks him a meal and they cook up some romance. She informs him that he won’t be able to visit his goblin lover now that there is a blockade.


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