Rise of the Runelords

New Faces and Old Enemies

Still with much preparing to do, the group find themselves discussing their plans for the evening’s trap in the Rusty Dragon.

Meanwhile a newcomer to Sandpoint finds himself sitting at the table over from them. A frustrated Synovia, noticing that he still hasn’t been served by any of the waitresses, and that he may be paying a little too much attention to their discussion, wanders over to take his order and head off any suspicious activity.

Introducing himself as Diven, his first impression is poor at best. Hitting on Synovia, rather crudely, while Imahnee is sitting barely ten feet away earns the man a forceful slap across the face, a broken nose the most likely result. Synovia stomps off, taking his order to the kitchens before returning to the planning.

Diven does indeed manage to eavesdrop on the planning, and wedges himself into the group, offering his services in the hunt for the killer. Still with some reservations, the Heroes of Sandpoint accept the help, filling him in on what has transpired so far, and what they plan to do about it. With that, final preparations begin.

After the evening meal, the remaining Heroes of Sandpoint, along with Ukawada, Diven, Imahnee, and Sheriff Hemlock, take their positions for the ambush, along with the members of the Goblin Squad lying in wait for Vrinn’s orders to act. Hours pass with no sign of their target. But then, a cloaked figure appears.

The suspect speaks with Synovia, revealing that he is the one she’s been waiting for. A brief conversation later and Synovia draws him closer into the trap. With him in just the right spot, Vrinn tags him with ink and springs the trap. There’s a flurry of activity as first everyone rushes the man. Dealt a vicious blow by Diven, he is eventually brought down by Imahnee while still leaving him alive.

Thiking it was too easy, Vrinn scours the area and sees a building on fire off in the distance, roughly in the direction of the Rusty Dragon. Shouting orders for Hemlock to arrest the man unconscious on the ground, he calls for the rest to follow him to the fire. Diven, however, brings his axe to to split the skull of the man on the pavement, silencing him forever before giving chase with the rest of the group.

Finding that Ameiko’s inn isn’t ablaze, Vrinn scales the building, adrenaline pushing him to greater heights of acrobatic skill as his fears are confirmed; the Pixie’s Kitten is the one on fire.

Jumping straight from the roof and down onto the street, somersaulting into a spring, he leads the charge to the brothel and upon seeing his father on the roof helping the working girls out of the building, charges straight into the building with no regard for his safety, though doesn’t quite manage to dive in through the window, the pressure inside too great to let him smash through the glass.

Water spells from Miro and with Diven’s and Synovia’s strength, they manage to burst in through the front door. A cursory glance reveals that the common area of the brothel has been abandoned to the flames, so Synovia and Diven race up the stairs to aid in the rescue effort.

Vrinn and Ukawada follow in next. Ukawada formulating a plan to turn himself into an elemental of air hopes to suck such air out of the room. However his intent backfires and one fans the flames to greater heights as Vrinn, almost succumbing to the smoke, continues to search the ground floor more thoroughly.

With his folly revealed, Ukawada switches tactics and leaves the building, flames following his oxygen trail out and into the sky in a spectacular display. High in the sky, he changes himself into an elemental of water, splashing down on the building and this time effectively combatting the fire as Imahnee uses his own magic to turn into a Blastoise and hydropump the building create a magical stream of water, aiding Ukawada’s efforts.

Synovia manages to help ferry the remaining girls up onto the roof with Farnsworth, while Diven, unable to help further, joins in the search on the ground floor for anyone else.

Meanwhile Vrinn with his familiarity of the building, makes quick work of the search effort, even unlocking and opening his father’s office with a flick of his wrist, having had so much experience with that lock alone making the task all the more easily. Upon opening the door however, he’s splashed by water as a frightened Bambi, underwear on her head in some effort to prevent smoke inhalation, mistakes her rescuer for the fire, coming to get her. Not one to press the issue, Vrinn grabs Bambi and tosses her towards Diven, shouting at him over the roar of the flames to get her out of there. Watching him go, Vrinn then proceeds to shove as much of his father’s coin and paperwork into whatever pockets, bags, sacks, boxes, whatever, he can carry, and makes his way out of the back door.

(To be continued)


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