Rise of the Runelords

New Beginnings

The Wedding

Synovia stops and stretches. They have been getting the Rusty Dragon in order for the last 2 days, and it is almost looking back to normal. She stands and watches as the goblin twins, under the direction of Gildie, take over the decorating of the room. She smiles, she doesn’t know which is more amusing, the goblins skittering around trying to give the Dragon their idea of festive, or the bemused expressions of the Hell Knights sent to keep an eye on them. She goes over the list of things she need to get done before tomorrow for the 1000th time. “My sista, it is very late. Go to bed. A bride should not have bags undah her eyes.” She smiles down at Miro. “I just wanted to make sure everything is ready” Miro gives her a fake hurt look "You wound me. You think I will allow anything to be less than perfect. Now go get your beauty sleep.’’ On her way out she chuckles as she over hears Gulo as he mutters “All this, just to schutp . I will never understand humans.”

She wakes in the morning with the smells of exotic spices filling the air, and a knocking on her door " You are going to sleep through your own wedding." The door opens as Kendra comes in bringing a breakfast of fruit, cheese and bread. The next few hours are spent getting ready. At ten in the morning she walked down the stair to the waiting Balor " You look beautiful. Are you sure you want him, you can go back up the stairs and go back to sleep." She smiles and looks at him “Imahnee is the other half of my soul” They stepped out into the cold, crisp air and walked to the city square and the beginning of her new life.


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New Beginnings
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