Rise of the Runelords

Monster Mash!

The town of Turtleback Farrey was flooding with water, either from the constant rain or possibly more sinister means, but either way the villagers we’re scrambling for safety, a majority going to the church. Our valient hero’s we’re quick to action, Miro used his magics to give flight to himself and Gulo as to better move around and summoned a verity of undersea creatures and merbro’s to rescue the hapless villagers. Synovia and Chuffy went to go help a group of children and their teacher, a gaint black snake coming to try and score a free meal, only to end up dining on Synovia’s blade. Gulo went about tethering the ships that had been thrown out inwards into the ocean, being mistaken for an angel, albiet it an ugly one. Vrinn “saved” the halfling, soon to be ex, couple, he “saved” the wife first, and planned to save her multiple times. All seemed to be going well until massive monster came raising from the lake, something non of the hero’s could identify and the villagers (One of whom was a Cheesewright) could only call Onteah. Gulo and Miro did their best to distract the monster, Gulo firing like a mad man and Miro, in either planned or accidental brilliance, managed to temporarily fling the monster out of time for a moment, long enough for Gulo to get the villagers out of the church. The monster soon came back, and surprisingly, or unluckily, the party who had originally been tasked with investigating the Blackarrows showed up. Chuffy, panicking at the fearsome creature, fly and mannicaly explained the situation the best he could, thou the B team needed little motivation to come in and help. After the party and the B Team conversed (Gulo accidentally revealing Vrinn’s planting of rumors, much to the Paladin’s fury.) and they came to the conclusion that they would stay to help Turtleback Ferry while the party went to go and deal with the soon to be invading force.


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