Rise of the Runelords

Magnimar - Party Parts, Bureaucracy Bites, Commerce Climbs

Hellknights head to Hometown

H2. Synovia and Gulo

After convincing Lily’s father that she was destined for wizardhood and that her apprenticeship should be with Miro, Synovia and Gulo decided they were better back and Sandpoint now that they had sold their goods.

The 3-day journey back was uneventful save for a contingent of Hell Knights barrelling down the Lost Coast Road from Magnimar to Sandpoint. Synovia tried to hail them for attention but failed to be worthy of notice. Probably a good thing, given the reputation of the stern, single minded army.

Discovering the Gulo did not celebrate birthdays, Lily made him a hobgoblin doll, stating it would make him feel better. Never one to understand human customs of kindness, Gulo mistook the gift as a kind of charm, much to Synovia’s amusement.

The Hell Knights were already established in Sandpoint by the time they arrived, having set up advanced scouts and even a curfew. Ameiko, tired and haggard, from months of crises, made up with Synovia and gave shelter to Lily’s family in Miro’s room.

Gulo returned to the Garrison to speak to Hemlock about the new soldiers from Magnimar.

Chuffy and Miro

The intrepid goblin business owner, after meeting potential business partners in Naos, decided to get help from Miro to further his plans to buy a store to sell Goblin Glass. The halfling was all too happy to take Chuffy under his wing, so to speak, and show him the in and outs of commerce though they first needed help from the ratfolk captain, Prarrihl.

After a little greasing of palms, Prarrihl gave the two a few names of possible business managers and contacts and after determining they would need a license and to buy property, it became clear they would need to go to the Hall of Ushers, better known as, bureaucratic hell.

Devising the plan of Miro disguised as a Varisian halfling servant and Chuffy as a Minkai halfling names Ciaran Kaijitsu, they queued in a long line of eager applicants. After hours of corrupting ferrying back and forth, Miro diving deeper and deeper into the abyss in an attempt to win against the Magnimar establishment, Chuffy a more passive route and was able to secure 135 Corwyn Way in Naos, near the Capital district.


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