Rise of the Runelords

In the caves

After the assault on the fort, the adventurers tracked the Ogres to a cave system . After taking care of the First group of Ogres, the found and defeated a coven of witches. Miro offered a a chance of surrender to an Ogre. The offer was accepted, however Vrinn creeped up behind the ogre and murdered it. Sending Miro into a tail spin, and causing Miro to alienate Synovia. On a bright note, Doomwing was found with clipped wings and unable to cast spells, but alive. Our heroes decided to rest in the caves. Synovia and Miro overheard a conversation between some passing ogres about possible trouble in Sandpoint They party headed back toward Sandpoint , passing through Turtleback Ferry only to find the town flooded.


makotoichijoji shannon_wallum

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