Rise of the Runelords

Hilarity Ensues

Gulo and Chuffy ride up to town, looking road-weary and eager to eat some real food. The guards ask them who they are, and instead of giving any information about themselves, Gulo complains bitterly about the goblin on duty while Chuffy admires how swole Firestarter is. They head into town, Chuffy making a beeline for the Rusty Dragon with Gulo following at a steadier pace. As soon as he entered the establishment, Chuffy saw the love of his life and began loudly declaring his love for her. Gulo wanted nothing to do with goblin love affairs and went to sit down. Grosilge brought Vrinn over to meet Chuffy while Synovia and Miro went to investigate the hobgoblin now seated at one of their tables. Gulo was understandably grumpy after having dealt with the incessant chuffing of his companion for 3 days straight and said a swift prayer for some food, ale, and quiet. He received two of his requests. Meanwhile Chuffy was ingratiating himself with Grosilge, being knighted, and asking Vrinn to ‘boing boing’ him.

Grosilge brought Chuffy upstairs to her room to get ready for her performance, Vrinn lurked outside at the ready in case there were shenanigans afoot. Gulo continued to rebuff Miro’s attempts to learn more about him, but deigned to speak with Synovia as a fellow warrior.

Soon, Grosilge’s performance started, beginning with her signing, soon to be joined by Chuffy who was then followed by Vrinn. Chuffy and Vrinn competed for who could be the flashiest performer, showcasing feats of agility and acrobatics never before seen. It all came to a conclusion with a bang, everyone cheering wildly. Grosilge was pleased with the both of them, Chuffy was chuffed at the praise from his queen, and Vrinn couldn’t decide whether he wanted to kill the new goblin or himself.

They decided to fight for Grosilge’s affection using the well-known and well-loved goblin sport of Kann-Ich-Dich-Getroffen. After several heated rounds of swinging at each other, Vrinn was victorious, and kissed Grosilge long and hard to make sure Chuffy knew it. Then the half-elf took his wife upstairs to claim his prize. Meanwhile, Miro introduced himself to Chuffy, and some guards came and spoke with Gulo and Synovia. The night wound down and everyone went home to their beds after another bizarrely exciting night in Sandpoint.


makotoichijoji seanpoconnor94

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