Rise of the Runelords

Goodbye Magnimar Hello Sandpoint!

We won't miss you.

After confronting the lamia our intrepid party prepared to meet the mayor for dinner and to investigate a chilling note found in the matron’s lair. In preperation for the coming party the group decided to shop at the famous magnimar bazaar (or in Vrin’s case steal) one clothing montoge with Ukawada later and the night of party is upon the…party, minus an intoxicated Miro. The decadence of the manor is palpable, even more so on it’s owner Haldmeer Grobaras. The party is welcomed in to a enormous dinner hall made only for them, after a night of Vrinn making deals to sell out his father, Synovia investigating the manor and Miro’s face getting intimately familiar with the food our party begins the process of leaving the city once and for all! The party waited come morning for all the refugees that would follow them back to Sandpoint, the only ones who did we’re a Shoanti family, a gnome named Lucia, and a half-drow named Wheel, but with no sign of Lilly much to Miro’s sadness. Ukawada and Synovia loading a cart full of refuges and their possesions. At the end of it Ukawada stopped the party and presented the refugees with a 1000 gold each and his sheep to the shoanti, letting them know he would be staying in Magnimar and rebuilding the church in Underbridge. Vrinn, in attempt to get revenge for his interference by picking Ukawada’s pocket, forgetting for a moment he wore only a loincloth. Vrinn got much more of Ukawada then he had ever bargined for and and Ukawada, taking advantage of severely flummoxed Vrinn embraces him into a hug and wishes him the best, telling him to be a good father. On the way to Sandpoint Miro had a conversation with Grosilge involving naming a spirit and his own deformities, while Vrinn conspired with Wheel. When they returned to Sandpoint they found to their horror Myrtle was up, and then suprised to see a woman in red and white standing over her, only to discover it was none other then the good mayor! She explained her religious conversion at the hands of the Dawnflower tribe and her healing of Myrtle. Miro suspected otherworldly interfernce and went to Ameiko to see if it was, it was not much to his relief. Vrin meanwhile took Dizzy to his father, who was less then thrilled to find out the truth of the night the pixies kitten burned. Vrinn chose this as the most opportune time to present him with an idea to make money, to which his father said to get the hell out. Synovia choose to spend time with Amane (much overdo for both of them.) while Miro plotted for the expansion of Sandpoint! Much to Synovia’s displeasure.

On a minor note a series of fires and explosions we’re noted on the road going towards Sandpoint, goblinoids are suspected, but names are not known.


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