Rise of the Runelords

Fungus Amongus

The best laid plans go wrong, as per the norm

After spending the morning planning the assault on Fort Rannick, ending with the plan to use an elaborate illusion to draw the ogres out of the fort then having the Black Arrows sneak past and close the gate, meanwhile the Party would go thru the tunnels and take care of the leaders. Vrinn and Synovia went to clear out the caves in preparation, Synovia aided by the magics of Miro, as Synovia and Vrinn dealt with the shocker lizards Gulo and Miro has a conversation on the nature of scars, gaining at least a modicum of understanding, if not a begrudging respect. Everything seemed to be going well for Synovia and Vrinn until they came upon horrific ghostly image, influenced by magic Synovia fled, nearly falling off a cliff and taking Vrinn with her. She recovered and the two deduced that Miro would be needed to deal with the ghost, they decided to investigate another part of the caves, finding a shocker lizard nest and some curious mushrooms. After easily dealing with the pests Vrinn investigated the mushrooms, getting a face full of spores for his troubles, things went from bad to worse as the spores ravaged the half-elf, dropping him to his knees and forcing Synovia to grab him and run not so stealthily back to camp, giving the ogres something to chase. Miro was quick to work his magic, but even with the healing powers of a cleric Vrinn would still be bed ridden for three days. While initially giving them the slip thanks to the arrows it would seem the ogres we’re itching for a hunt as a party came out scour the woods, forcing the party and a very ill Vrinn to get ready and think on their feet, Chuffy and Synovia setting up a false camp and Miro to cast another illusion, and now only time will tell what will happen to our party of wayward heroes!


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