Rise of the Runelords

Case Closed

The party comes crashing to a halt as Vrinn, still disguised as his father, interrupts the proceedings. The two brother’s stare each other down before Dizzy resumes his performance with Grosilge. Vrinn snaps and casts away the disguise before leaping upon Dizzy, slashing wildly with his concealed daggers and throwing the ballroom into chaos.

Dizzy isn’t unprepared however, fighting back, his own daggers poisoned. Just as the rest of the party are about to intervene, Lyrie, and old foe appears amongst the crowd of panicked nobes and begins attempting to aid Dizzy. Deciding to leave the brothers to themselves, Miro and Synovia intercept the all but forgotten mage, forcing her to focus on them instead.

By this time however, Dizzy’s dirty tricks have taken their toll on Vrinn, poison sapping his strength, lethargy creeping into his bones. With a burst of adrenaline and a helping hand from Miro, Vrinn dashes around to behind Dizzy, ready to deliver the final mortal blow on Dizzy before Ukawada, who had been trying to calm the situation, conjures forth a hallucinogenic fog. Rendering not only the brothers unable to act, but also Grosilge and the guards as well.
Taking advantage of the momentary lapse, Lyrie sees her opportunity to escape and takes it, reminiscent of her previous encounter with the Heroes.

Dizzy, the first to act after Ukawada dispels his fog, snatches up Grosilge and stabs her in the stomach. The damage to her self is negligible, but to the life inside of her, who could tell? Miro seeing the fury building in Vrinn grants his ally a boon to make his movements lightning quick just as the half-elf launches into a frenzy, his daggers impaling into his brother over and over again, a fountain of blood spewing from the multitude of wounds.

Ukawada is able to heal Grosilge as Vrinn stands over his fallen brother, ready to deliver the killing blow, but stays his hand. Instead, he orders Miro to heal the traitor before he and Synovia escort him to the Dome of the Savored Sting, the Calistrian temple, for safe keeping until he can be delivered back to Sandpoint to face vengeance.

Synovia returns to the Oasis to rejoin with Miro and Ukawada, but finds that Grosilge has gone missing, again. Ukawada and Synovia find her sitting by the docks deep in thought. Synovia’s words are harsh, while Ukawada’s are filled with empathy. Gildie offers Ukawada the position to be her knight, but Ukawada declines the offer.

Vrinn having stayed behind at the temple, receives healing for his wounds and poison during the night, and the following morning question’s Dizzy. He had apparently been watching Vrinn ever since his arrival in Magnimar, and eludes to greater forces still operating in the shadows, but isn’t forthright in any further information.

Once the party reunites at the Oasis, there is a brief discussion on whether they should return home or see this through. Grosilge enlightens the group on what she had learnt while around Dizzy, which reveals the presence of a “Snake Lady” of sorts. Deciding to at least speak with the guards, it is decided to investigate one last lead, the crumbling clock tower that Miro and Ukawada found earlier, where they were almost defeated by some form of golem. The party is also awarded the title of Heroes of Magnimar and formally invited to a dinner with the mayor.

A few cultists had taken up residence in the tower, and after the group makes quick work of them, Vrinn climbs the old rickety structure, scouting for anything else of interest that may be ahead. Reaching the top floor, he sees what can only be the “Snake Lady”, a magnificent albeit deadly looking Lamia Matriarch. Unaware of his presence, Vrinn sneaks back out, informing the group of what was found.

Formulating a battle plan to collapse the floor underneath the Lamia, they decide to talk with her first at least, but when they all arrive, she had turned herself invisible and speaks with a disembodied voice that emanates from a central statue.

Negotiations break down and a fight ensues. Miro and Doomwing open with a volley of spells, and the Lamia manages to charm Synovia. Vrinn and Grosilge, having left a few seconds before, rejoin the fight just as Synovia, pretending to still be under the Lamia’s spell, is attacking Ukawada. That lasts until the Lamia is within striking distance, Synovia then revealing that she isn’t actually charmed and begins putting her full fury into the snake lady.

Despite the overwhelming number, the heroes are hard pressed until Vrinn, turning to kiss his goblin bride in the midst of combat, launches himself into the air to strike at the creatures eyes, partially blinding her to allow the rest of the heroes to attack with impunity. Ukawada’s swarm of creatures wearing her down, Synovia launching blow after blow of powerful strikes, Miro and Doomwing burning spells to burn her, Vrinn attacking with lightning speed, all the while Grosilge inspires the group to even greater height.

The Matriarch recognizes that she is outmatched and attempts to flee. She can’t get far as the combined strikes of Synovia, Ukawada, and Vrinn altogether bring her down, dead at last.

It would appear as though she was only the tip of the iceberg however, as hidden along with her belongings was a note that points to even greater forces at work…


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