Rise of the Runelords

Burning Love

Onwards to Magnimar!

With Synovia’s business to Magnimar concluded, a shining new dress, and a smile on her face, she thought to develop her blossoming relationship with Aldern Foxglove further. Upon arriving at his manor however, she was greeted at the door by some creature of undeath, along with swarms of dead, flying crows.

Dispatching the foul creatures, and ruining her dress in the process, she galloped as fast as she could back to Sandpoint, arriving in the middle of the night, making a ruckus and waking those who had already gone to sleep. After being rebuked by Vrinn as he tried to work, she settled down for the night, promising to get an early start in the morning to investigate the manor, with the rest of the Heroes of Sandpoint.

Bobole, heavily intoxicated and inviting his drinking buddy back to his cave for more drinking and eating, convinced the fellow guard to take up a brief sparring match. The goblin, not fully understanding the nuance of sparring, ended the exercise before it even began with a swift blow to the man’s gentlemans, essentially damaging their friendship as much as his friend’s chances for future children. (A running theme for Bobole it would seem).

A fresh start in the morning saw Synovia informing Mayor Deverin about the occurrence at Foxglove Manor, who, after the amount of stress she had been under over the few weeks prior, collapsed in the middle of the street. She was escorted back home on Synovia’s arm, who promptly gave the Mayor’s Guards strict orders to not let anyone disturb the mayor unless in was Sheriff Hemlock upon pain of eating their testicles (definitely a running theme). A brief discussion of which way to cook testicles later saw Synovia updating Hemlock on the situation, and gathering Miro and Bobole for breakfast at the Rusty Dragon. During Breakfast however, Miro revealed that the Magic Jar that she had given to a magic college in Magnimar had been switched with a fake. Of course, this did nothing to improve Synovia’s already dour mood, who was absolutely livid, claiming all sorts of unimaginable pain once she caught up with those mages.

With no sign of Vrinn yet, the group made their way to his place of work, the Pixie’s Kitten. A sleepy looking colleague informed them that he had moved in with his wife to the Kaijitsu manor, and that they should try there.
Approaching the house though, the group was met with an unusual sight, a giant lynx prowling the grounds, seeming to be guarding the house. Bobole’s quick with in throwing it a half-eaten seagull to calm the beast allowed Synovia to approach without question. After knocking on the door, the noise of activity seemed to halt, followed by some quick shuffling, and a half-naked Vrinn answered the door. A brief conversation before going back inside to prepare for the road, his wife Grosilge came out, wearing only a strip of fabric, and showed off her new prized mount that Vrinn had purchased for her during his trip to Magnimar. Bobole offered to help her train the beast, and in her exuberance in accepting his offer, the slip of clothing came free, leaving her standing naked in the middle of their new front yard. After recovering herself, she also showed off the wedding ring that Vrinn had also given her, which only caused Bobole to flee for some odd reason.

Eventually, the group set forth to Foxglove Manor together again. When they arrived however, the mansion was in flames, burning wildly and out of control. With little they could do, they searched the ground, the beach, the cliffside, for anything that they could find. Only Synovia’s prints from the night before and another set of prints, male human by the looks, heading away from the house and down into the water.

With little else to do, they waited out the fire, letting it burn the building to the ground. Synovia and Bobole wanted to rush in as soon as it looked as though the fire had died, but with Vrinn’s insistence that they be patient and wait until the fire had definitely burned out and was properly safe, they opted to remain cautious.
A contingent of Sandpoint guards had arrived in the meantime, and while Synovia and Bobole picked through the remains of the charred building, Vrinn questioned the guards about the manor and the Foxglove family.

It was revealed that the mansion was mostly abandoned, presumed haunted, ever since a fire took the lives of many slaves and Lady Foxglove, which lead to Lord Foxglove’s suicide and Aldern Foxglove and his sister to be sent to live in Korvosa. Further questioning opened up a line of enquiry about Foxglove renting out an estate in Magnimar, and with nothing useful to be gained from the empty shell of the building, the group tasked the guard to deliver news back to Sandpoint that they would see this through, and follow the trail back to Magnimar…


Upon Miro’s attempt
at saying I told you so, Synovia told him that if he said another word she would pull out his tongue.

Burning Love

and miro smiled

Burning Love
makotoichijoji Argonaut

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