Rise of the Runelords

Broken Family

The day like many others started at the garrison where the party covered some loose ends following the foul play at the sanatorium. While counseling with Hemlock and Armstrong a man flew in the room abluster with troubles in the south farmlands. The party took to action almost immediately mounting up and moving out to “save the day”.

Upon arrival at the farm it is quickly found that the entire farm has run afoul of ghouls, a reacquiring circumstance troubling the region. As they fight their way towards the heart of the cornfield they find a man pinned to a scarecrow just like the ghouls defeated before the man was found. The party helps him down only to quickly discover that he had been turned. Miro and Vrinn took pity on the man and after begging that the party to help his family. Miro delayed his affliction long enough that the man may see his family one last time only to uncover the entire family had been torn assunder. Those who were not turned were already dead. While Miro greaved and Vrinn sought to honor the husband and wifes remains, Synovia and Bobole left to look into the barn. They were ambushed and during the fight Bobole succumed to ghoul fever. Miro and Vrinn rejoined their friends in the final moments to turn the dreadful battle back to the parties favor. Bobole concerned about his affliction ignored Miro’s consolment and took to the road for some time to reflect on his life.

The party remained to deal with the remaining ghouls and ensure the area’s safety. It was not til after the finished they realized Boboles absence. So they went back towards Sandpoint hoping to find bobole on the way. During their travels they find signs of an attack and in a moment of worry Synovia uses the last remaining use of her Jar to whisk them to bobole’s location. They appear after the strange teleport at a strange scene becoming all too common. The party parts the seas of people only to find Bobole pinned to a beam by a long sword and a note implicating Vrinn in the murder. Vrinn was then taken by Hemlock to the garrison “again” leaving synovia to contend with the crowd and worse yet an anger stricken Miro whos mind seems to have been torn assunder by yet another…. Broken Family. 2008_83.jpg


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