Rise of the Runelords

Broken Families and Broken Hearts

With a new days comes more heartbreak. Grosilge, Vrinn’s goblin wife, bustled her way into the jail upon hearing the news that the half elf was once more imprisoned. With no easy way to break the news to her, he simply laid out the hard truth of Boboles death to her, which she took badly. Sobbing against her husband, he tried to comfort her the only way he knew how…

Miro, having taken the death of his friend extremely harshly, was counseled from his stupor by the worried Father Zantus and the newly enlightened and strange goblin, Chunder. Steeling himself against his grief, he needed to return to the Rusty Dragon, if nothing else to make amends with his adopted mother.

Meanwhile, an exotic shepherd had made his way to the Sandpoint gates. A brief, albeit ill communicated conversation later, and he was pointed towards the Rusty Dragon Inn under the assumption that he was looking for someone to buy his sheep. The guards reasoning that the Inn’s rather eccentric proprietor could always use some lamb for her stews figured that she would be the best one to speak with, and would get the strange man away from their vicinity.

With little to no evidence available to hold Vrinn in jail, Hemlock was pleased to see the back of the troublesome half elf, especially after suspicions of guards fraternizing with the prisoner were beginning to become more solid. The sheriff asked that Vrinn look in on Synovia though, and ensure that she don’t do anything rash, like get herself killed in going after this killer by herself.

Udawada, the foreign shepherd, found his way to the previously noted inn and proceeded to explain that he did not in fact want to sell any of his sheep, but did instead want to find a place to stable them. Ameiko unable to understand his request, palmed the man off to Synovia with directions to try and by some sheep. She instead directed him to another establishment for his lodgings, and the stables where he might be able to let his sheep stay.

Miro and Vrinn arrived at the inn within moments of each other. Miro with the need to apologize to Ameiko, did such, while Vrinn sat down with Synovia to devise a plan that involved all of them. His earlier plot to use the seeming target of this mysterious Lord’s affections as bait was solidified. But he surmised that the shadowy figure would know that something was wrong if Synovia suddenly tried to find the killer herself.

In an effort to outwit their quarry, Vrinn suggested that it appear as though Synovia had become ostracized by the group, perhaps a particularly volatile argument would suffice. Before they could finish their planning though, the tall Suli woman was called over by Ameiko and Miro. In an astoundingly spectacular fashion, the exchange between the three became heated which lead to Synovia storming out of the tavern, as she had been prone to do from time to time when her temper got the better of her.

Fooling even Vrinn however with her acting, she only made a show of the tantrum, instead sneaking back in through the back door.

After everything had settled, Synovia still somewhat upset, a large looming shadow passed over the door to the Rusty Dragon Inn. All inside looked up to see a rather large, handsome, and muscular Osirion man with an elderly woman in his company. Imahnee and Naomee had finally made it to Sandpoint. The object of Synovia’s desires had finally made his way from Magnimar. At the sight however, Synovia burst from the hall and upstairs towards her room, leaving the guests startled and confused with Vrinn, in the mood for mischief, and Ameiko, a very, very approving matchmaker.

Eventually Vrinn left the inn to try and spread the rumor that Synovia had fallen from favor and that she was trying to hand herself over to this mysterious killer. Synovia, after some very strict words from Ameiko, managed to compose herself and go down to entertain her guests.

Vrinn meanwhile had made it as far as Rynshinn’s clothing store where perhaps the most beautiful woman in the entire town was all too pleased to entertain perhaps the most beautiful man in the entire town. He managed to charm his way into her bed with her, and upon learning that Vrinn was still serious about Grosilge, proceeded to break down in tears, wanting him all to herself.

Synovia meanwhile introduced Imahnee to Hemlock, her father figure, who took an instant disliking to the man. Even going as far as throwing a hammer at his head, clocking him cleanly.


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