Rise of the Runelords

Bad Things Come In Big Packages

Picking back up with the group as they catch up Synovia and the unusual cat, the Heroes of Sandpoint make their way towards the ogre-kin farmstead, reportedly where they keep men from Fort Rannick for their own nefarious purposes.

Finding the trail leading to the area, the party traveled quickly and quietly, thankful that their approach was masked by the ever persistent rain. Sending Doomwing ahead to scout the buildings, Miro took his time to cast spells and prepare for the possibility of combat. The megalomaniac of a thrush returned not too long later, reporting one big dumb looking brute standing in the rain between the two buildings.

Later confirmed by both Vrinn, who had snuck through the surrounding forest, and Chuffy, who had flown aided by magic to one of the rooftops, the rest of the adventurers took up their positions before Vrinn charged in, followed swiftly by his shadow Ever, with Synovia backing them up to surround the surprised creature.

After severely wounding it, Vrinn called out to capture it alive, for which he received a vicious blow to the abdomen, breaking ribs and possibly causing internal bleeding. Synovia, seething as her friend was struck hard, responded in kind, though her blow strong enough to kill the towering creature.
Just as it looked as though the fight was over, three more charged forth from the barn; smaller than their kin who now lay dead in the mud, but still large enough to cause concern. With both Shalelu and Gulo taking up advantageous positions to flank the opponents with range, Vrinn was once more struck, his shoulder taking punishment even as Ever giggled with a sword passing harmlessly through her gaseous form. Vrinn and Synovia both cutting down an opponent each, a well place bomb from Chuffy saw the final ogre-kin’s head removed from it’s body entirely, the offending melon sailing through the air to splat against the barn door.

Now with time enough to take stock, Miro coming to Vrinn’s aid and magically healing the half-elf to mend the damage taken during the brief fight. Disgruntled with Synovia for killing the creature when he called for it to be taken alive, he began to stalk off towards the barn, the Suli woman in tow.

The inside of the barn itself was fairly regular, with not much out of the ordinary at all. Kennels to keep dogs, straw and hay littering the floor, and catwalks running along the walls of the barn. The far wall featured a boarded up door, while the two doors on the catwalk on either side were left unlocked. Synovia opened her door to see a mass of web below, and possible cages in the darkness beyond, while Ever simply floated through the wall to play in the webbing. Vrinn utilized his magical gloves to hold up to the wall to peer beyond, and spotted the largest spider he had ever seen.

After letting her know and subsequently seeing the gleam in her eyes, Vrinn called for Synovia to wait until everyone was in place and ready before she began her assault. However, just as he was calling the other party members in, she ignited the web, which did little other than to anger the giant spider who then smashed the door right where Vrinn was standing, scaring the wits out of him, which only caused him to curse and swear at Synovia and blaspheme against every god he knew to smite her where she stood. With no divine retribution imminent, Vrinn made a hasty retreat to the catwalk above just as the others managed to filter into the barn. Miro opened up with a volley of magical fire at the beast, enraging it even more, it’s piercing screech sending chills to the bones of everyone in the room.

With a clearer view in the spider’s room now, Synovia was able to make out prisoners inside of the cages in the rear. Ignoring the rampaging giant spider, confident that her allies could handle it, she raced towards the cage in an effort to help them escape. Vrinn, meanwhile, prayed to his Goddess’s ass that his plan would work, and he too raced into the spider’s lair on the catwalk above, but instead of racing towards the cage, he leaped down onto the spider’s back from above, his twin swords skittering across it’s chitinous hide before finding a crease to dig into. While he may not have hurt the abominable creature too much, he did distract it enough for Miro to finish it off with more well aimed rays of fire.

With the spider laying dead now, both Chuffy and Gulo attempted to harvest the venom from it’s fangs with little luck, while Synovia and Vrinn fared better in managing to unlock the cage and manacles the prisoners had been held in.

Revealed to be Black Arrows from Fort Rannick, the Heroes of Sandpoint were finally able to recoup and regather themselves and entrust Shalelu to watch over the wounded soldiers while they finished their gruesome work.


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