Rise of the Runelords

Attack on Lumber Mill

Finally prepared the party makes their way to the hideout ready to battle. After a quick message spell the party splits with Vrinn and Ukawada taking the lower entrance, leaving the upper to Miro and Synovia. With one final check the party made their entrance. Battle instantly began in the lower section with Vrinn and Ukawada making quick work of the cultists stationed in the underbelly of the mill.

With quick, decisive strikes from Vrinn and spell enhanced attacks from Ukawada the combat lasted less than a minutes breadth. Searching around for further clues lead to nothing and noticing the sounds from above them they made haste to catch up to Miro and Synovia who had encountered a whole lot of nothing.

After grouping up again the party made their way up the sawmill finding many interesting things. A barrel filled with treasure, an office filled with many items painting a picture that this was indeed a hideout for the cultists of the god of assassins. A few other items of note were found while the party waited for their mage to extract himself from his barreled prison. Most notably the rookery at the top floor of the lumber mill. While Miro formulated a plan to follow the ravens to their ordained destinations the party was set upon again by cultists. This fight was much more intense in the tight quarters that allowed the cultists to surround the party individually. However Vrinn would deny death again this time snarling directly in its face as he faced the cultists for the half minute it took the rest of the party to join him. Valiantly he fought laying low one cultist after the other until his backup arrived.

After dispatching of these cultists the party began to check for further clues but it was Vrinn who realized the cultists wouldn’t be alone. Taking to the roof and then the streets he pursued the lookout left behind. In a battle without rival he took to the man who fought him relentlessly to the death. However be it Vrinn’s god, luck itself, or a surge of pure brilliance he brought the man low despite being out equipped and almost seemingly out skilled.

After killing the man Vrinn sought to return him to the lumber mill where it was discovered that the man was none other than a Justice of Magnamar. Miro had already sent his adopted sister after the town guard in an effort to become less like vigilantes and more like the heroes they were perceived to be. Upon learning of the Justice, Miro insisted that they dress the man as a cultist before the guard arrived. After doing their best Miro sent Vrinn to the shadows again lest he be caught for his wrongfully accused crimes.

Shortly after the districts militia captain, a lively and optimistic halfling named Sami, was met and took over the scene insisting that the party return to the Oasis. Doomwing and Ukawada remained to keep watch over the sawmill and Miro and Synovia returned to the Oasis to await further development all the while praying Vrinn remained safe as he danced the shadows of that night the party’s greatest hero….

Until the Ruinlords meet again


What went well:
1. Stream went off without too many hitches
2. party splitting seemed to work out (even with Synovia)
3. Combat was right on
4. Good character interaction
5. Good flow
6. Session went well.
7. Everyone’s roleplay is on point
8. Love Sami and her slight lisp
9. More meaty combat
10. Jay liked his rolls.
11. Justice Ironbriar encountered didn’t feel contrived
12. Nice to have combat session
13. Did a lot with a halfing.
14. Nice to have guards that didn’t put PCs in jail

What could improve:
1. Vrinn stop killing everything
2. Debating rules can slow game down. May just be us.
3. Long Silences in the middle of combat. Not good for streaming.
4. Need better rule awareness
5. Long silences need to be addressed.
6. PCs start planning actions before their turn.
7. Fall backwards on communicating what’s happening in combat. Lots of the same kinds of attack descriptions.
8. Feels like party is biting its tail again.

Action items:

Other Notes:

Awards each session:
Biggest Dick Award – Vrinn for putting Miro in a barrel
The Bobole Award – Synovia for being too forthright
Hero of the Day – Vrinn for killing so many bad guys and taking on Ironbriar by himself.

Dylan notes
Things that went well, I feel like the roll play was really good today, it’s um pretty good buts it’s a pretty different suitation and I felt you guys we’re still in character. Vrins god damn fucking rolls, sigh that went well, you guys investigating, going tho, things went pretty well. Things that could be improved, I think it would behoove the party to think of the guards before the party before they do something, as they run afowl, well not afowl, but we ask for forgiveness kind of thing. Another thing that was good remembering that vrin was a wanted man that is great, what ells did you guys do, I think that’s really it for me. I feel like I could improve encounters, but you guys are just too good, I feel like I need to improve. If you’re going to throw spell casters, capitalize them. I didn’t know tactically how to handle that experience, Vrinn biggest dick/hero, Bobole award goes to, I’m torn, because Synovia knows she cannot lie, I’m giving bobole award to skinsaw asshole. Then finally hero of the day vrinalfosi vandeer, and making the dice gods obey his holy boner.

Attack on Lumber Mill
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